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» Elizabeth Aloni
The Chicago-based celebrity dating coach penned her first book, "The Mating Manual."
» Book Clubs Uncovered
Find the best book club bets for every literary taste.
» Comic Books are Cool
Don't be ashamed of your love for comics. Head to these shops and surround yourself with like-minded geeks.
» Todd Dills
DIY lit mag The2ndHand is still going strong after eight years.
» Pre-primary Reading
Before you vote next Tuesday, pick up a book and learn something about the candidates.
» Michael Harvey
The Wrigleyville resident's crime novel, The Chicago Way, showcases the city.
» Give the Gift of Lit
Our top book picks for the gift bin.
» Cris Mazza
Her latest book takes readers on a journey through one character's struggle to understand her past.
» Stephanie Gentry-Fernandez
Local Latina lesbian poet writes about her unusual Chicago childhood.
» Karen Abbott
Uncovering a forgotten period of Chicago's underground history in Sin in the Second City.
» Natalie Y. Moore
Readers get the low-down on men and women of the hip-hop generation in Moore's collaborative work, Deconstructing Tyrone.
» Keeping the Lit Ball Rolling
Fred Sasaki and Sarah Dodson bring together Chicago's lit lovers at Printer's Ball.
» Avant Chicago
Renaissance blogger Brent Kado keeps Chicagoans posted on local life and culture that deserves some extra limelight.
» 826CHI
Boosting local youths' writing cred one mustache at a time.
» No Touching After Dark
A lit mag and a reading series equals a good time for telling the truth.
» Strumpette
Amanda Chapel serves up the naked truth about the PR industry for anyone interested in reading.
» Art or Idiocy?
Erik Wenzel helps to fill the art criticism gap in Chicago "and beyond."
» Globiblio
A book club that dictates who gets the Nobel Prize...or at least reads without borders.
» Video Didn't Kill All Radio Stars
Move over David Sedaris, Jill Summers is Chicago's new inventive storyteller.
» AMillionMonkeys
The most contentious news fit to print: politics and Justin Timberlake.
» Where To Write
Let's face it: Fitzgerald would have gotten nowhere if the strongest thing he was sipping was a frappuccino.
» Life Aboard Mazurka
The ordinary and extraordinary tales of living on a boat in Lake Michigan.
» Naeem Murr
Talking with the author of The Perfect Man.
» Julie Shapiro
The art, fiction and truth in radio documentaries.
» Bella Rossa
Notes and anecdotes from one funny writer.
» Dress A Day
Erin McKean blogs about the secret lives of dresses, the culture of craft and technology.
» Copy, Right?
Liza Pavelich digs up the good, the bad and the ugly of cover songs.
» Series A
An explosion of literary experimentation on Chicago's South Side.
» Linda Bubon
The Women & Children First co-owner sounds off on the independent book scene and what you should be reading
» Jargon Chicago
Chicagoans who tell it like it is.
» Touring Chicago, Literati-Style
Want to be a writer? Dedicated reader? Walk a mile in these shoes.
» Joe Meno
Hairstyles of the Damned author returns to the themes of love and loneliness with a new twist.
» Byron Flitsch
The voice of our generation: overeducated and looking for work and meaning in everyday life.
» All This Writing Glory
A conversation with Elizabeth Crane.
» Chicago Carless
This native New Yorker preaches the gospel of downtown Chicago living.
» 2nd Story
Storytelling series blends wine, music and reading to the delight of diehard fans.
» Ayun Halliday
Talking with the author of Dirty Sugar Cookies.
» Apartment Therapy
Heather Blaha scouts out the most delicious designs in the city and on the Web.
» Genre Bookstores
When you've got a specific literary craving, book it to one of these specialty shops.
» Skillet Doux
The spot for learning about minced garlic and Schwa (but not about the South Beach Diet).
» Novels and Noshes
Five independent bookstores that have you skipping the big-box chains without giving up your latte.
» Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation
A well-balanced diet of pop culture, politics and personal life stories.
» John McNally
Talking with the author of "America's Report Card."
» Megan Stielstra
Stories worth reading from one busy writer.
» Eat Chicago
Michael Morowitz eats his way through Chicago, one empty restaurant at a time.
» Schadenfreude
One funny man's take on the day's local news.
» Overheard in Chicago
Eavesdropping has never sounded so sweet.
» Bookslut
Jessa Crispin is a literary lass extraordinaire, and her Bookslut readings are icing on the cake.
» Sunday Salon
Straight from NYC, Chicago's latest reading series takes off.
» One Good Thing
A healthy mix of porn and parenting.
» Poundy
Local writer Wendy McClure's blog weighs in on body image, boredom and beyond.
» Zulkey
Interviews, essays, diatribes and diary entries documenting the days in the life of Claire Zulkey.
» Off the Couch and Into the Coffee Shop
Five spots to enjoy freshly ground brew with your book.
» Big Happy Funhouse
Ron Slattery's funhouse is home to found photography, free pie and happy thoughts.
» Reading Under the Influence
Getting lit in Lakeview.
» How To Write The Great American Novel
A venue-centric approach to becoming the next Steinbeck.
» Chicago Poetry Project
Delivering poetic truths from the quiet folks in the corner.
» The Dollar Store
All the laughs you can stomach…for a buck.
» Danny's Reading Series
You should know about the Danny's Reading Series by now.

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