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Eat Chicago
Michael Morowitz eats his way through Chicago, one empty restaurant at a time.
Sunday Jul 02, 2006.     By Jessica Herman
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Michael Morowitz eats his way through Chicago.
Fed up with fielding constant requests from friends and family for restaurant recommendations, Michael Morowitz started Eat Chicago in March of 2004. Two years later, Morowitz is a stronghold in the local online food community; in addition to updating Eat Chicago several times a month, he's a moderator for the LTH Forum (a group of chowhounds with whom Morowitz is currently undertaking Albany Park's stretch of 30-plus taquerias).

Eating out an average three times a week, Morowitz divides his time between new spots and tried-and-true gems. "There's always the places that people recommend and the places that you really love," he says. "You try to hit them all but try also not to be 300 pounds."

What's the gist of your blog?
Basically food in Chicago. At a more detailed level it's not about what's hot or what's new. It's about what I find interesting, places I go and places I shop. I get emails from people saying write about my restaurant, and I say I'll write about it when I get to it. I write about what I see...and I balance that out by never mentioning myself. This is one food lover's [experience] of food in Chicago. Take it for what's worth.

If I read your blog today, gimme one thing I'd learn.
You'd learn that there are a lot of great places in the city to eat that are empty. There are so many places that I love that I'll go to on a Saturday night, and the places are half empty or completely empty. People are pouring their hearts and souls into fresh, interesting, unique food. And they're struggling to make a living. It shocks me and upsets me. People just get timid about leaving their neighborhood. There are so many interesting places; people need to get out and explore.

My computer is surrounded by...
Very little. I'm allergic to clutter. I hate piles of things.

How do you pay the bills?
I'm a software engineer for a very large company.

When you aren't loving blogging, you're loving BLANK in Chicago.
Either working on my vegetable garden in my backyard—that's my new thing—or exploring the city neighborhoods, seeing how they've changed. [Recently] I was really blown away by Sweets and Savories; it's kind of my new high-end favorite. I also love Honey 1 BBQ on Western. That's another place where the guy is pouring his heart and soul into real Southern barbecue. It's my low-end favorite.

Name a local blogger extraordinaire.
Another moderator from LTH forum has a blog called Vital Information. He's a big food explorer and also an eat-local advocate. I also loved Jessica Davis's Fuck Corporate Groceries; it was sort of inspiration for me to write about the places I love. She kind of unabashedly said here's what I love.