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Jargon Chicago
Chicagoans who tell it like it is.
Tuesday Oct 31, 2006.     By Jessica Herman
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Writers at work.
Twentysomethings Elizabeth Simone and Josh Eisenberg met in typical writerly fashion. Boy sees girl reading art book in coffee shop. Boy is interested but too bashful to approach her. Boy sees girl again in soup shop, gathers the nerve to "hit on her" and finds that girl is already attached. Nonetheless, they become friends and partners in crime.

"It's sort of cliche, like no one was making the kind of movies we wanted to see," says Elizabeth, explaining their impetus to start Jargon Chicago. No one was writing the kind of articles they wanted to read: articles about Chicago rather than entertainment guides, articles with a sense of a humor. So in June 2006 they began penning the pieces themselves. Five months later, Elizabeth and Josh (with help from a crop of pro-bono contributors) update the online rag nearly daily, reporting (and usually poking fun) at fashion, current events and just about anything Chicago.

What's the gist of your blog?
E: Well...First of all it's not blog. It's an online magazine. Although our magazine takes a lot of inspiration from blog culture, I like to think that it has a different place in the online universe. We don't publish monthly and you can't get paper-cuts reading our articles, but our content and tone is much closer to the magazine format. Every article is conceived, researched, debated, edited, rewritten and generally put through the editorial wringer.
J: What she said.

If I read your blog today, gimme one thing I'd learn:
E:What a "Dunst-Box" is.
J: That the South Loop is getting a bridge with solar panels, able to generate and store enough energy to exclusively handle its raising and lowering needs.

My computer is surrounded by:
E: Coffee and Josh. J: Dirty plates, empty water bottles, unopened mail and scraps of paper where I've written down rough drafts or ideas for articles.

How do you pay the bills?
E:I work at an independent boutique in Lincoln Park telling lonely wives with breast jobs that they look fabulous in that top, too!
J: I bartend a few nights a week at an Italian restaurant in River North. I pour wine and talk to people and get paid for it. It never ceases to amaze me.

When you aren't loving blogging, you're loving BLANK in Chicago:
E: The CTA! I've never had a license and it gets me everywhere I want to go. Not only that, but it does it efficiently and comfortably, too.
J: There's more to life than writing? Really? I go out drinking too much and have a soft spot for a local bar called Galway Bay. It has cheap drinks and an area with overstuffed sofas and overflowing bookshelves. Of course, while I'm out drinking with friends I'm usually thinking about how I should be at home writing.

Name a local blogger extraordinaire.
J: I'm a huge music freak so I love reading Copy, Right?. Liza Pavelich, the author, has one of the best collections of cover songs I've ever seen (she has the songs available for free download for a limited time) and she writes a little thing about each one. I'm also oddly addicted to teh journal, a blog written by this nerdy, intellectual girl that has a bunch of non-sequiturs and unusual links.

Jessica Herman likes peeking into other folks' lives, which sure helps when she's grilling hip Chicago bloggers. If you'd like to shower a little love on a local blogger whose antics and anecdotes are your favorite flavor of procrastination, shoot her an email.