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Overheard in Chicago
Eavesdropping has never sounded so sweet.
Saturday May 27, 2006.     By Jessica Herman
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The man behind Overheard in Chicago.
Zeev Walny was just another eavesdropper, recording golden nuggets of conversation he overheard while dining out at restaurants and riding the L to work for his wife's entertainment. Recapping anecdotes of the day on his blog, Zeev both amused and saved himself and his wife from countless social faux pas (she's an unabashed starer). What started out as a joke between the couple took quite a turn after College Humor picked up his little-known site. Four days and 192,000 hits later, Zeev's brainchild was well on its way to notoriety.

Just a few months old, Overheard in Chicago not only features Zeev's aural anecdotes but hosts a wealth of conversations—generally 50 per week—submitted by eavesdroppers around the world. Have a look-see (then a listen) and send him your own.

What's the gist of your blog?
It's basically exactly what it says. A lot of 'em tend to be funny. Some I won't call political but they're intelligent people making good points about something. There's nothing overtly sexy or something somebody will go on and be appalled by.

If I read your blog today, gimme one thing I'd learn.
People in Chicago are awesome. We have some of the smartest and dumbest people, even the tourists. People with maps are goldmines. There was one with this girl looking up at the Sears Tower on a really windy day and the girl [says] 'How does that stay?'

My computer is surrounded by...
Two cans of Fresca, some grapes and a picture of my daughter.

How do you pay the bills?
I'm a project engineer for a construction company.

When you aren't loving blogging, you're loving BLANK in Chicago.
The view. Looking at the city is amazing. The Museum Campus and Millennium Park. I work on Wabash and Jackson, so I pass by them every day.

Name a local blogger extraordinaire.
Tucker Max. He's a kind of raunchy dude. He started out in Chicago, but he's in New York now. He's still blogging but on a more popular level. I don't do a lot of blog-watching.

Jessica Herman likes peeking into other folks' lives, which sure helps when she's grilling hip Chicago bloggers. If you'd like to shower a little love on a local blogger whose antics and anecdotes are your favorite flavor of procrastination, shoot her an email.