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Byron Flitsch
The voice of our generation: overeducated and looking for work and meaning in everyday life.
Monday Oct 16, 2006.     By Jessica Herman
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This guy's quarter-life crisis.
Byron Flitsch is the voice of the current twentysomething's generation: a fine art and fiction writing degree-toting 24-year-old who's just trying to sort out the next step. After graduating from Columbia College, Flitsch launched his blog This Quarter Life Crisis as a way to "make sense of things publicly;" between editing and writing, he spends a few hours a day chopping down his daily life experiences and translating them into eloquent prose. "My main goal is to help people," he says.

What's the gist of your blog?
It's mostly about trying to understand everything and everything going on in your life at that point in time and trying to make sense of it, whether it's emotional or odd or funny. [For instance,] coming to terms with trying to find a job and job that kind of describe who you are. Trying to find that niche somewhere. You're kind of in that limbo.

I notice that you speak and write in the third person often.
That's really a way to identify with people. They want to feel like they're being heard. I think "you" is really playful. It's not really a guide to get through it. I had this one woman who said she's 42 and she's going through a mid-life crisis. I might be 20 years younger than her [but she still gets it].

If I read your blog today, gimme one thing I'd learn.
That I usually wear my heart on my sleeve on good days. And on bad days I'll throw my heart at you.

My computer is surrounded by...
Being an artist I have a ton of design things: notebooks, paints and markers, a lot of Polaroids, and my very favorite Jonathan Adler vase.

How do you pay the bills?
Well I do a lot of freelancing now. And that is really it. That's the most exciting job I've had in a long time. It's really great. Right now it's a lot of graphic work and photography. I'm working with Miss Sixty and Energy jeans doing marketing and advertising and also a lot of design projects for Serendipity Theatre.

(He also runs his own design company FiveFold Ink, donating a portion of his monthly proceeds to various charities). There's a shy income coming in from that, but the main goal is to get good design karma.

When you aren't loving blogging, you're loving BLANK in Chicago.
I'm loving the cupcake place on Briar. I'm loving going to art openings right now, great illustrations especially in the warehouse district.

Name a local blogger extraordinaire.
There's Life as a Josh and Jargon Chicago.

Jessica Herman likes peeking into other folks' lives, which sure helps when she's grilling hip Chicago bloggers. If you'd like to shower a little love on a local blogger whose antics and anecdotes are your favorite flavor of procrastination, shoot her an email.