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» The Thrill of It All
Seeking some freakiness? These activities will give your relationship a major jolt of adrenaline.
» Thaw Your Heart
Pack away your parka and heat up with these spring-friendly date ideas.
» Going in Blind
Is it still possible to have a truly blind date? A single girl puts a new service to the test.
» Dating on a Dime
Stay out of the poorhouse (and the doghouse) with these budget-friendly date ideas.
» Seven Places to Leave Your Lover
Ending a relationship can be hard; our list of Chicago's best break-up spots makes things a little easier.
» Break the Ice
Got the first-date jitters? Relax and check out this list of stress-free ideas.
» Speed Dating for Your Sweet Tooth
Get sweet on someone or something at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge.
» Hipster Lovin'
Check out these hip haunts where the music is lo-fi, the bartenders wear more ink than clothing and beers are still (somewhat) cheap.
» Geek Love
Check out Nerds at Heart for a chance to meet local smart, savvy singles.
» Answer Orgy
Anna tackles a ton of topics in her final column, including what not to do with that bottle of hot sauce.
» Virtual Insanity
Does your date need a twittervention?
» Hands-On Experience
Here's to self-love in the new year.
» Only for the Lonely
Anna cooks up some holiday haikus for those without a mate this season.
» 'Tis the Season to Pine
Getting in the Christmas spirit should not include calls to your past loves.
» Honesty Is Overrated
Withholding some information on the first date? That's a no-brainer.
» Clip of the Week
There's no need to get snippety over vasectomies.
» Operation One-Night Stand
On a man hunt? Let the Carnal Consultant draw you a map.
» Relationship Re-runs
More often than not, getting back with an ex results in the same old storyline.
» Gone Shootin'
Are you a whore for hormones? Let the Carnal Consultant tell you how to take it like a man.
» Where's the Beef?
Wanna know the best spots in Chicago for hook-ups? Let the Carnal Consultant hook you up.
» Crash Test Dating
Life is a highway, and he wants to ride it all night long. But she thinks their relationship is turning into a major wreck.
» Sticky Situation
Don't let your man treat you like an ATM machine in bed.
» Sex Life After Death
How to approach dating a widow.
» Long Schlong Gone Wrong?
There's a fine line between pleasure and pain when it comes to servicing the cervix.
» Man Being Manipulated
She asks for a commitment, then can't bother to call; should he give her another chance?
» Sexual Politics
He loves Bush and she's got a bleeding heart. Can they reach across the aisle so that they might one day walk down it?
» Turn-On Tips
Not having as much sex as you'd like? These strategies might help get your man's libido in gear.
» Dorm Dates
Follow our social planner and you'll be the big man (or woman) on campus by the end of the semester.
» Busy Signal
If your love interest can't take the time to call you back, he's probably not a keeper.
» Speed Dating
Love doesn't operate on a schedule, so you can't necessarily go too fast.
» Going Soft
Anna tackles a half-erection question.
» Belly Busting
How to deal with an exhibitionist girlfriend.
» Triple Your Pleasure
Three can be a magic number for all-female couples, too; but how can you find that willing woman?
» That's Hot!
The temperature's rising...embrace it with some scorching dates.
» You've Got A Friend In You
You don't get to choose your relatives, but you do get to choose the friends you want to chitty chitty bang bang.
» Benefits Denied
Ready to hang up on that booty call? Here's how.
» Multiple Methods
There's more than one way for girls to get to that happy place.
» Cool-Down Dates
Refrigerate your summer sex life with these chilled thrills.
» Show and Tell
Filling out a dating-site profile? Follow these rules.
» Hotties with Herpes
Just because you have an STD, it doesn't mean you're off the market.
» Seeking Some Quiet Time
Can someone be TOO loud in bed?
» Dude Dates
Read our guide to planning dates men might actually enjoy.
» Analyze This
Want your girlfriend to unlock the back door? Here's how to make it happen.
» Where the Girls Are
On the prowl for a female friend? Anna's got your hot spots.
» Mouthing Off
Is 69ing a thing of the past and will insults land you a lady?
» Spurting and Flirting
On jilling like a pro and the tricky business of dating your ex's friend.
» Perplexing Pals: A Friend with Benefits and Your Horny Ex
What to do when you're falling for a friend and how to get your ex to stop hitting on your posse.
» Guide to Internet Dating: The First Email
How to up your chances of getting a response when first reaching out to a potential love interest.
» Get Him to Give it Up and Get Out of the House
A quicker route to the bedroom and dealing with an anti-social boyfriend.
» Seduce Him from the Start
Score a second date by taking him on a first outing that caters to his style.
» Blog Blocking and Keeping a Straight Orgasm Face
Advice on dating a boy who blogs about you and what happens when you accidentally mock your boyfriend's O-face.
» Top of the Class
Still paying off those student loans? These school-affiliated services will let you-and your date-live the high life on the cheap.
» Shtupping a Pro and Saying Those Three Little Words
On dating a sex worker and what to do if your girlfriend drops an L-bomb.
» Shacking Up and Knowing Your Orgasms
Moving in with your luvah and the mysteries of the female orgasm revealed.
» Your Neighbor Flashed You! Your Boyfriend's a Prude!
What to do when your neighbor pulls a Britney and one girl's mission to end the missionary position.
» How to Lose a Girl in Five Venues
Take your lady friend to these demeaning spots, and she'll likely do the dumping for you.
» Porn Overkill and a Photo Feud
Is my girlfriend addicted to porn and is it okay to keep pics of your exes?
» Roommate- and Ex-Sex
To bang or not to bang your roommate and how to negotiate sex with your ex.
» Female Ejaculation and an Exercise for Intercourse
The Maven addresses an unusual sexual side effect and whether yoga will improve your sex life.
» Meet-Market Maven's Adventure
There's more than one way to get to second base in Wrigleyville.
» Passing on Group Sex and Sleeping with Your Cuz
How to talk your way out of a threesome (now there's a first!) and where to draw the line with kissin' cousins.
» Cold Feet and Throwing Up on a First Date
Anna says whether or not to throw in the towel on marriage and what to do when you throw up on your date.
» Talk Nerdy to Me
It's a dating guide to getting your geek on!
» Sniffing Out a Smell and Cyber Sex in the Flesh
What's that smell? And how to take cyber flirting to the next level (i.e. into your pants).
» Dealing with Exes and Dental Dams
What to do about a girl who won't stop calling her ex and the ins and outs of safer sex.
» Not Just a Weekend Thang
Get your queer on all week at these weeknight date spots.
» Directions for Using Dildos and Dating Online
Go ahead; tell him to bend over or give internet dating a go. Our expert's got tips for both.
» Spilling about Sex and Meeting Women
The Maven gives advice on coming clean about your dating past and talking to women.
» Ditching a Friend and an Earful of Inappropriate Info
How to break up with a friend and guidelines for dating multiple people.
» Retro Romancing
Our guide to fun-filled flirting will show you how to swoon your sweetheart the old-fashioned way.
» A Broke Boyfriend and Passion for Your Pleasure
Anna Pulley tackles a clash over cash and what to do when your guy cares TOO much about your orgasm.
» Eco-friendly Sex Toys and Rules for a Divorcee
Anna dishes on "green" vibrators and how to cope with post-divorce dating.
» Expanding the Dating Pool and Finding a Gyno for Less
Meet-Market Maven tells a twentysomething how to get a little somethin' somethin' and answers a gyno-rmous dilemma.
» Is He Gay and Can We Tackle Her Taste?
Anna Pulley answers a sexual-identity quandary and addresses how to sweeten an unpleasant odor.
» Hairy Pits and Tips for Gay Teens
Centerstage's Anna Pulley on love, sex, dating and everything in between.
» She Has A Kid
I'm not sure how I feel about getting involved with a single mom. Should I go for it?
» She Cheated On Her Last Boyfriend
I'd like to date her more, but how can I trust she won't cheat on me?
» His Friends Haven't Warmed Up To Me
How do I get them to come around?
» I'm In Love With My Friend
What do I do?
» I Posted My Profile Online
Only a handful of people have written to me. Is there something wrong?
» I Got Really Drunk and Slept With Him
Can this relationship be salvaged?
» I Come Off as an Average Joe
How can I make a better first impression?
» He Sent Me Dirty Text Messages
Should I give him a chance or is he just a pervert?
» She's Used to a "Certain Lifestyle"
Will she dump me in the future if I don't make enough money?
» I See My Boyfriend's Exes Everywhere
How can I keep from feeling uncomfortable?
» I Can't Stand My Girlfriend's Dog
Can I ask her to give up snowflake?
» I'm Single, Cute and in a Severe Dry Spell
What's the best way to go about asking out a guy?
» Falling for a Friend's Ex
Should I tell my friend?
» I Dated a Friend
What to do when it ends really, really badly.
» I Just Met a Great Guy
How to avoid being the rebound girl.

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