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Making A Scene
» Crossfader King
Emilio Abadia and Matt Roan take DJing out from behind the booth and into an office.
» Aleks and The Drummer
The drums-and-organ duo breaks all the rules, except when it comes to parking.
» Gody Windischhofer
The Brauhaus bandleader, with a connection to Schwarzenegger and a likeness to Elvis, gets crowds moving.
» Tyler Beach
There's no such thing as a side project for this master multi-tasker.
» Yea Big + Kid Static
This energetic hip-hop duo will make you move, whether you want to or not.
» Kimberly Gordon
The Nightingale of the Green Mill delivers a soothing sound with her jazz songs.
» Watch His Beats
We sit down with Gant-Man, a DJ shaping Chicago's juke scene.
» Common
The Chicago vet stops by for a red-carpet affair; just one of many to come, if you ask him.
» Jen Porter
The siren of Windy City blues sings for herself first.
» Ugochi
The conscious MC and poet aims to be the exception to almost every musical rule.
» Malakh
The multi-hyphenate performer makes music with a message.
» Buju Banton
The Jamaican icon reflects on the evolution of his roots-heavy tunes and political implications.
» The Sea and Cake
For the venerable supergroup, familiarity is both a blessing and a curse.
» Koko Taylor
Despite health problems, the Queen of the Blues keeps a firm grip on her throne.
» Psalm One
The Englewood native is finding just the right formula for success.
» Serengeti
The idiosyncratic MC finds inspiration in everything from O'Doul's to emo kids.
» Dark Star Orchestra
Reliving history, one show at a time.
» Bobby Conn
Chicago's answer to David Bowie lives and dies for entertainment.
» Fruit Bats
The grass is always greener for this ever-changing band.
» The M's
Chicago's answer to the British Invasion takes a well-deserved break.
» Bound Stems
Making sense of this making-waves band.
» The Changes
Building a debut, piece by piece.
» Verbal Kent
The Northside MC's big mouth can get him in trouble, but he wouldn't have it any other way.
» Wax On Radio
Suburban prog rock philosophers get signed and talk existentialism.
» Pugslee Atomz
One of the city's hardest working MCs is finally starting to see his efforts pay off.
» The Primeridian
This hip-hop duo strives to teach, not preach. Catch a lesson at this weekend's African Festival of the Arts.
» Kurt Elling
The jazz vocalist's life may be changing, but his wild ambition is always a constant.
» Thax Douglas
The days of looking over his shoulder at New York are gone...and so is he.
» Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Finding the cheery pop song in utter despair.
» Glenn Kotche
Wilco's drummer lives life to a slightly different beat.
» 8 Bold Souls
The bigger they come, the harder it is to coordinate schedules.
» Chin Up Chin Up
Finally ready to move on, move Pitchfork and beyond.
» Steve "Silk" Hurley
The "Remix King" talks about the triumphant homecoming of Chicago House.
» Eric Noden
This blues teacher gives musical lectures you won't want to miss.
» Steve Dawson
The country crooner sings from the soul.
» Angel Melendez & the 911 Mambo Orchestra
The Mambo King of the Midwest laughs last.
» The Tyrades
Chicago punkers on having fun, dancing like a primate and looking stupid for Intonation.
» The Drastics
Massive riddims from Chi-town's resident live dub crew.
» Eleventh Dream Day
Zeroes and Ones add up to rock.
» Andrew Bird
Violin plucks from a plucky (and popular) artist.
» Shelley Short
Haunting, listless country-folk. Just please don't tell her we called it that.
» The 1900s
Rock you like Belle & Sebastian...or like a Murph.
» Town and Country
Learning to love the ebb and flow.
» Cameron McGill
This folksy weeping willow's got whip.
» Devin Davis
Beckoning the lonely people.
» The Zincs
Hooky mope-pop from a limey named Jim.
» Pit er Pat
This Thrill Jockey band is making sounds.
» Devil in a Woodpile
A deal with the Devil will get you free blues.

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