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A-Bomb Chop Shop
One of the many devil children spawned from contemporary pop punk fallout. Best described as the easiest way to take a 37 minute shower in booze, spit, sweat, beer cans, and broken glass out side of actually taking a shower in booze, spit, sweat, beer cans, and broken glass. Since their conception in 2004, A-Bomb Chop Shop has made a trademark out of being a liability to both themselves and club owners alike, leaving a path of slash and burn destruction all across the Midwest coast.

A-Bomb Chop Shop describes themselves as "a Psycho-Incestipunkabilly rock n' roll band." They say, "The show you will see will be remembered. The Music lives in the gears of a well oiled Cramps machine divided among 199 fire breathin' Little Richard bulldozers playing a game of chicken at Death Valley. This 800 lbs. of Rock N' Roll band will have you doin' shots of glass and rollin' in fire before you get your first beer. See you psychos there. Bring protection."

A-Bomb Chop Shop is a National touring band that has played in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and has also played north of the border in Ontario, Canada.

For more information, visit their website:

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