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Three of the five members of this five piece band (Matt Sharpf, Lou Leone, and Josh Cicoine) met in college at the University of Dayton. Though all three played together in school, they went their separate ways after school. Eventually all were drawn to Chicago where they started playing together again. With the addition of second guitarist Fred Kidd and new drummer Rob D'Addario, Jamestown was formed.

They play a brand of folk and country influenced rock that is very popular with the Adult Contemporary crowd. Their very professionally-produced and well-packaged debut, Handful of Sand (self-released) is a very solid record that will appeal to fans of Dave Matthew's Bland and the Gin Blossoms. Though I usually find most of the offerings in this genre to be terribly uninteresting and flavorless, I must admit that this record caught me by surprise. I found it to be very listenable without being too sterile or lifeless. Not a bad accomplishment. They have a new album out, Take This As You Will.

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