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Jesus Lizard
Defunct Chicago loud-alternative group, known for their extremely high-energy live shows, has been let go by Capitol Records after releasing, Blue produced by Andy Gill (Gang of Four). Drummer Jim Kimball, who replaced Mac McNeilly in late 1996, left the band in August 1998. His temporary replacement was Brendan Murphy (Burnout, Wesley Willis Fiasco).

Singer David Yow leaps around, spit and sweat flying everywhere. Despite their abrasive sound, there's musical talent here. Guitarist Duane Denison (x-Cargo Cult) played in the two-man Denison/Kimball Trio, when not touring with JL. He also backed Tod A. (x-Cop Shoot Cop) in Firewater, and now backs Hank Williams III. Their appearances on the Reading Festival's mainstage have become pretty legendary, and have appeared on the front cover of Melody Maker. Yow and bassist David Sims played in the Austin, Tx. band Scratch Acid before moving to Chicago. Mac McNeilly (ex-Eighty Six), the quartet's original drummer, was replaced by Jim Kimball (of Mule, Laughing Hyenas, and Denison-Kimball). McNeilly has since drummed for both Mouse and former Mule vocalist PW Long's Reelfoot.

Releases include Head, Goat, Liar, Down, Shot, and Blue. The 1993 split single featuring Jesus Lizard's "Puss" and Nirvana's "Oh, The Guilt" briefly, and unprecedentedly for JL, topped the pop charts.

Oh, they've contributed a track to the Lounge Ax Defense And Relocation Benefit album, on Touch & Go Records -- defending the seminal Lincoln Park indie club from it's greedy quiet-loving neighbors.

Yow directed the first video from The Offspring's upcoming release Ixnay On the Hombre.


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