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Julie Jurgens
Since arriving in Chicago in October of 2004, Julie has been a frequent and regular contributor to the Chicago music scene. Julie is primarily remembered for her voice--a voice that has been compared to everyone from Patty Griffin to Dolly Parton--but she's also continually cited and lauded for her original songs. She's been listed on the websites of Uncommon Ground and the Gallery Cabaret.

Her influences are many and diversified, and include the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Belle & Sebastian, Dinah Washington, Leon Redbone, Joan Baez, and Tori Amos, just to mention a few.

She's collaborated with several other Chicago musicians including Jim Frazier, Narciso Lobo, Dave Donovan, Garrett Lane and Nancy Connelly.

She frequents the open mics at Subterranean in Wicker Park and the Gallery Cabaret in Bucktown. Venues where she's appeared include Pint, The Mutiny, Hotti Biscotti, The Gallery Cabaret, Tonik, Jefferson Tap, and Kitty Moon. Show dates and more information can be found at

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