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The Krinkles, a local quartet originally from Michigan, play a variety of humor rock that sounds like the bastard child of some ungodly marriage between Weezer and Weird Al Yankovic.

They've got a new release recorded at Attica Studios, Revenge of the Krinkles out on Mordorlorff Music. It's a bit lighter on the humor rock side and a good stab at more mainstream indie pop. Two stand-out tracks, "Working Girl" (featuring accomplished and refreshing backing vocals by Chloe F. Orwell) and "Summertime" could both easily receive a fair amount of alt-rock airplay. All in all, a powerful sophomore effort. Their first record Three Ringos is available on Modorcroft Records. Highlights (if you can call it that) include "Man O' Man O' Shevitz" and "Evil Waterbed." Though the music itself isn't too original (a mix of some of what is beautiful and most of what is abhorrent about 90's pop) the sense of humor sets the band apart. Though essentially a novelty act, they do have a definite schtick and loyal local following.

One of the members plays in the '60s revival group, The Goldstars.

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