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Majors Junction
Rich textures created by the six-member band have been described as “Plush Lonesome Western Blues.” Attracting a listener base whose musical taste transcends different genres, Majors Junction produces a diverse meld of country honky-tonk blues with folk undertones and hints of bluegrass and reggae. It’s a unique sound that celebrates individuality and hard work, two qualities the band shares with its hometown of Chicago.

The band came together in the fall of 2002 to elaborate on a recording project of lead singer/songwriter/musician Mike Mulcahy and singer/songwriter/musician, Marc Johns. Johns continues to contribute to Majors Junction but has passed the lead guitar role on to the deliciously tasteful and lightning quick Erik Smith formally of Chicago based Cornmeal fame. They, along with singer/actress, Heather O’Brien, drummer, Colin Williams, bass guitarist/singer/songwriter, Jeff Bartlett and keyboardist, Benjamin Nusbaum conjure up a musical phenomenon each and every time they take the stage. Majors Junction can be regularly seen and heard at Chicago clubs like Martyrs’ and the Boulevard Café, and also perform at venues such as the Beat Kitchen, Subterranean and The Note.

Their recently completed debut CD, "A Desert Oasis" encompasses their stand-alone style and music. With tracks like Seven Miles, Damn Neil, Urban Hippy Girl and Through Chicago as illustrators, the disc tells an adventurous story about life, love, death, mental struggles and triumphs. Plus, songs like Brighter Day, 4 O’clock Road, Wasted Time and Downtown Sin make you want to put the top down on your ’72 Eldorado and cruise a stretch of road that hasn’t been touched in a while.

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