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Marco Jacobo a.k.a. Maker first got interested in hip-hop when he was in the 5th grade. "All we listened to was N.W.A. and Public Enemy," he says. These influences (very different sounds from the soulful and abstract beats he's known for) inspired him into pursuing a hip-hop career that has taken him all over the world, helping him become recognized as one of the most underrated producers in hip-hop today.

Maker's understanding of music as a whole, in relation to hip-hop, is something that he considers very important. "I think hip-hop has a relationship with every kind of music; from rock, country, classical, blues, to jazz, funk, all types of soul and pop music. I think you can hear it all throughout the history of hip-hop music; sampled, interpolated, covered, and just straight jacked. It all sort of comes from the same American-born art form," he says. This is just a small reflection of an artist that is both approachable and personal towards his fans. He's worked alongside Pharcyde, De La Soul, Prince Paul, Little Brother and many others. His sets are an interesting journey into funk and soul, but his live beat performances are a must-see. When asked how he would define these sets, he simply replies, "soulful, and only for the grown and sexy." (Jeff Min)

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