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Nico always had a fascination with Chicago house music, and let it known through his collection of the Trax Records Chicago label. The breakup of Chicago groups from the 1990's, including Nico Flash, Future Gazers, Boys Club led to the eventual inspiration for Nico’s "Material Boy" and “Who’s That Guy” remixes that were inspired by Madonna's "Material Girl," themes. The band recently recorded under "State of The Art" Boys Club impresario transformed into the power pop personality of Nico in 1996. It was Kraftwerk's masterpiece, The Man Machine (1978), that formed the inspiration for Nico Demonte's remix of the “Man Machine” classic. Kraftwerk's "Showroom Dummies" also formed the inspiration for Nico "Mannequins in Alleys" singles. Nico (class of 1991) and rock legend Billy Corgan and lead singer of the “Smashing Pumpkins” (class of 1985) both graduated from Glenbard North High School in Illinois. While Billy Corgan was forming his first band “The Marked” in 1985 (prior to Billy Corgan forming the Smashing Pumpkins), Nico Demonte played jazz and classical music as a saxaphonist, while dabbling in electronics to find new sounds. In 1990, Nico studied acting under the teacher of Animal House and SNL actor John Belushi.

In 1995, Nico and Stymie began Genesis Project Recordings in Chicago, running it out of their garage. In 1998, Nico expanded his sound following numerous trips to Zurich, Switzerland and at the legendary club Tresor in Berlin. Inspired by Berlin legends Dr. Motte, Paul van Dyk, Tanith, Jonzon, Rok, Kid Paul, Nico released “Der Auslander.” Nico’s release of his full length CD "Der Auslander" (1999) made it to the CMJ charts and was followed up by singles and remixes like the 12" EP Phantasmagoria and the remix of skylab2000’s hit “Ten Re-Entry” EP. “ This Chicago songwriter openly attributes Ministry's Al Jourgensen, Wax Trax! Records, the keyboard sequences of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and the industrial sounds of Front 242 as creative inspirations. During these years of late night productions and radio gigs where test promos were always the norm, Nico was further influenced by the sultry sounds of Chicago’s legendary Frankie Knuckles, Michael Serafini, Madonna, Moby, U2, and David Bowie, vowing to create his own splash on the frontier of the music scene. Following a record release party in 1997, the legendary Chicago to DJ at “Medusa’s” Nightclub. Nico DJ’s and performs live at Chicago nightclubs Vision, Rednofive, Medusa’s Mission, Ice Bar Chicago, The Dragon Room, in Las Vegas, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands, and around the states. Nico’s sound has traveled across radio stations WNUR 89.3 FM, WLUW 88.7 FM, WZBC 90.3 FM Newton/Boston, WZLY 91.5 FM and WMBR 88.1 FM in Cambridge where he hosted his own electronic Chicago house show. Nico has played alongside Felix Da Housecat, Green Velvet aka Cajmere, Tommie Sunshine, KC the Drummer, Stymie, DJ Boogieman, Phantom 45, Dan Efex, DJ Dayhota, DJ Lady D, Invisible Scratch Piklz, D-Styles and Qbert, Hyperactive, Mazi, Mark Almaria, 3D, skylab2000, and others.

The release of "Der Auslander" by Nico received radioplay and was inspired by Cajmere’s (aka Green Velvet) ghettotech single "Time for the Perculator", DJ Ron Hardy, Jesse Saunders, Devo, Adonis, K-Alexi, Mr. Lee and the genius of Larry Sherman. A pivotal point came with the 1986 releases of the House anthem of "Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson, Phuture’s "Acid Trax,” and Maurice Joshua / Hot Hands Hula's "This Is Acid."

Nico’s 2000 single "Collapse of Civilization" was inspired by his experience at the legendary Berlin club Tresor, followed by the sexy dance track Phantasmagoria released in 2001. In 2003, Nico Demonte remixed skylab2000’s commercial hit “Ten,” with the Boys Club club classic released in 2003. The inspiring pop sound of Boys Club was directly inspired from the vision of Telex's "Moskow Diskow," "Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, Yaz, OMD, John Foxx, Japan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Juan Atkins and 3070 aka Cybotron, New Order, Human League, Farley Jackmaster Funk's "The Acid Life, and Men Without Hats. In 2004, Nico returned to Chicago after graduating from Harvard University. Nico is one of the founders of the EJ MIDI Turntable (EJ Enterprises Worldwide), specializing in the world’s first video turntable and other future music technologies. Nico’s EP “Alive” is scheduled for releases in 2005.

A CD containing songs like the sexy synth pop anthem, "Atm Girl," from Nico Demonte’s upcoming album, "Alive", has gone missing during his near-death electric shock in the Chicago-based studio.

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