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Paul K. & the Weathermen
Paul K. and the Weathermen defy description. Their music is all over the map, playing traditional blues, folk, country, and rock songs as well as punk-tinged blistering rock songs. The common elements between all the songs are great song writing (Paul K. is very gifted as well as being extremely prolific) and superb musicianship. This band is very tight without seeming to be overly concerned with the technical aspects of the music. The jams just seem to happen, but they happen so well -- as much as they may rehearse a tune, even they never actually seem to know where it will go live... They have a small dedicated following as well as a great deal of critical support.

The Detroit-born Paul K is currently based in Kentucky. His most recent release, A Wilderness Of Mirrors (Alias) is billed as an "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for a (nonexistent) movie based on the book of Job." An earlier release is 1993's A Garden of Forking Paths (Silenz).

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