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The Spreaders

The Spreaders know where they stand. Or where they'd like you to think they do. Having eschewed all genre labels, the band is content with one simple phraseÓwe rock. According to the Manhattan, IL-based group, "If it was raining rock right now and you got a microscope out and examined one of the droplets, you would see that the molecules look exactly like us."

It's a bold statement from a bold rock band who draw from power pop influences like Cheap Trick and the Who. Formed in early 1997, the Spreaders have played venues ranging from the Metro to Double Door to the infamous Lounge Ax (plus a number of appearances on the Jenny Jones show). Because, according to the band, it's the live show that counts.

The Spreaders are the sort of group whose 1999 CD, That'll Teach You to Play Hard to Get is definitely solid, but screams hear me live. There's a distinct range of sound, from the heavy sound of tracks like "Hard to Get" (which seem to foreshadow a punk outburst that never comes) to "A.C.O.A" with its Weezer -"Just Like Buddy Holly" type sound. Factor in a little more volume and umphh and you've got what promises to be one damn good show..

The Spreaders are: James Fossett (guitar & vocals), Joe Fossett (guitar & vocals), Joel Hatje (bass & vocals) and Tim Lydon (drums & vocals).


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