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Twilight Revival
Twilight Revivalís songs represent a convergence of 80's college rock (R.E.M., the Replacements) and modern indie/Americana (Wilco, My Morning Jacket).

The Chicago-based band formed in 2006, debuting with a series of year-end shows, and released their first self-titled EP in 2007. Equal parts bombast and nuance, the Twilight Revival EP showcases intelligent hook-laden rock ní roll that is authentic but unassuming.

The line-up includes: Rick Guistolise (guitar, vocals), Eric Korte (bass, vocals), Brian McDonnell (guitar, vocals) and John Monaghan (drums).

Twilight Revival has graced and headlined the stages of Chicago's premier venues, including Double Door, Subterranean, Abbey Pub and Martyrs'. They have also gained airplay on local and college radio stations, including WXRT (93.1FM) in Chicago.

The collaborative nature of the bandís songwriting results in a broad cross-section of sounds as everything from guitar riffs to lead vocals trade hands from song to song and verse to verse.

The foursome builds infectious hooks out of graceful vocal harmonies, soaring guitar riffs and rolling backbeats, all dressed down in the finest rags of modern indie rock.

Beneath all the well-crafted hooks and sonic adventurism, Twilight Revivalís sound is rooted in an undercurrent of sincerity and conviction. Their style is equally nostalgic and visionary ... a worthy representation of American musicís past, present and future.

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