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Waco Brothers
The delightfully quirky Waco Brothers who popped up as an anomalous disturbance on the Chicago music radar screen a few years back recently released latest--and most polished--effort to date Electric Waco Chair in late 2000 on Bloodshot. Standout tracks include "Where the Mighty Fall," "Jamaican Radio Obituary," "Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers," and "Circle Tour."

Their fourth long player, Waco World was also released on Bloodshot. The record, recorded with the incomparable Dave Trumfio at his Kingsize Studios, is a bit more polished and produced than their previous "militant honkey tonk" efforts. While the edgy bar band beer and whiskey aesthetic is somewhat diminished by the clean production, the band's musical talents are better highlighted than on past recordings.

Led by the legendary Jon Langford (of seminal British punk band the Mekons and accomplished solo artist), as well as members of Wreck, Revolting Cocks, KMFDM and Jesus Jones, the Wacos aren't a punk band. They're an important part of the Chicago insurgent country school. Previous releases include Cowboy In Flames, To the Last Dead Cowboy and Do You Think About Me? all also on Bloodshot. Other recordings include a song called "Bad Times are Coming Round Again" on the Bloodshot Records compilation Hell-Bent, Insurgent Country Volume II. They also contributed a track, "Most Frightened People On Earth," to the Doorika Theatre's standout compilation, Dig This, (Sweet Pea Records), as well as a cover of the Who's "Baba O'Rielly" for Whodunit: Chicago Knows Who (No Cigar), a 21-song Who tribute album and appear on numerous Bloodshot compilations.

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