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Cycle Bike Shop

View Map 1465 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Tel: (312) 987-1080
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  • lpsrzwhfjeo says:
    On Tuesday 7/24/12 12:42 PM
    WMFgTZ dafxsbecxcoa

  • Alternativa says:
    On Monday 7/23/12 10:01 PM
    I have tried clinique's line and up until that point, it was the best thing that woerkd for my acne. It made my acne decrease but it never got rid of all of it. I used the Tea Tree Oil line for two months. It made my skin tone a lot better, it made my redness decrease, it made my skin super soft. But it didn't clear my acne. And it made me sad haha I really wanted this stuff to work. If you hve skin like mine, I suggest going to see a Dermatologist. Thats what I did after this. She told me

  • Jesse H says:
    On Sunday 7/5/09 10:16 PM
    The place was great.

    Called them at 3, asking what time they close, and if they'd be able to fix a flat tire.

    They said 4 and sure. 5 or 10 minutes after I got there, it was fixed!

    Another plus is that there's parking on the side of the building for a few cars, and free at that (if you can get one of the few spots). I knew that had I'd gone to the bike shop on North Wells, I'd be driving around and around looking for a place to park.

    *They had a bunch of super cool (and not cheap) Jamis bikes there.

    Everyone mentions that there's a massive dog there. There is. The dog was just laying down in the middle of the isle, in the way. Not sleeping, but not moving either. Cool friendly lazy dog!

    I'm take all my bike repairs there from now on.

  • Cycling Commuter says:
    On Saturday 11/3/07 10:39 AM
    This shop is great, he knows his stuff. He won't overcharge you. The business of not going in there if you're a woman is ridiculous. He's not a troll. As a young and good looking woman I've never had a problem there. I also happen to know a good bit about bikes. I've bought bikes and parts from him and no problems. People who think he's a snob must just be insecure or used to salespeople who chase after them like obnoxious puppies. This shop is great.

  • jimmyjam says:
    On Sunday 10/14/07 8:27 PM
    Took a ride this afternoon and after stopping for a tasty beer at Weathermark (just about next door) I went to get the bike and discovered a flat. I carry a spare tube but just wasn't up for wrestling with the rear wheel just then. Went to the Cycle Bike Shop aka Carmichael Cycle Shop and a very nice lady with a shock of red hair setting off a headful of black locks took my old man bike, hoisted it into the stand, found the culprit, a piece of ceramic, cleaned up the other bits and pieces of shrapnel, put in a new tube, adjusted the brakes and it all cost less than a $10. Cycle shop owners are probably all crazy, northside, southside, Cozy makes me crazy. This shop was GREAT when I needed them.

  • Jose V says:
    On Wednesday 5/2/07 2:17 PM
    Certainly not the fanciest looking shop like a lot of the north side dealers. At times the shop owner seems a little uncouth and distracted. And the dog looks mean and scary (bring him a biscuit and he's your friend for life). All that said, I've been buying bikes, taking advice and let this guy work on my bikes for the last twenty years. He's the Best, second to none.

  • Nate says:
    On Tuesday 4/24/07 6:50 PM
    I went by here for the first time today because it's in the neighborhood and a kona dealer. I called about ten minutes before closing and he kept the shop open late so I could go by on my way home and size some frames.

    I can't speak to their repairs, but he was very helpful and gave honest opinions without pushing the more expensive bike/unnecessary bikes.

    I'll be back.

  • jf says:
    On Friday 3/30/07 6:51 AM
    This is hands down my favorite bike shop. I have no doubt that everything in the other reviews occurred. Sounds about right. But this guy knows his bikes and he knows value for the customer, and he doesn't "try" to rip you off. He's by far not the closest bike shop, but I'll ride the extra distance just to count the number of half-cups of coffee put around the place. If you want an honest opinion, and have a modicum of patience, and you understand the difference between distracted and snide, you'll love this place. Just try not to be standing between the dog and the door when the postal carrier delivers.

  • dave dyle says:
    On Monday 11/27/06 12:35 PM
    I've given the owner of this shop several chances to work on my bike for minor repairs. Once, I had two "gold metal" tire valve caps that were taken and replaced with black plastic. Against my better judgement, I stopped in recently to get a slow leak fixed on the back tire. The innertube was supposedly replaced, although I had a flat tire again the very next day! So...either he didn't replace the tube or didn't insure that there was nothing in the tire that would repuncture the tube. Also, this guy is a definite bike snob. His snide attitude always rubs me the wrong way.

  • Roberta Wayne says:
    On Thursday 11/16/06 10:55 PM
    I tried this place once because its in my neighborhood. Dingy atmosphere (they've had a piece of plywood covering a broken window for months), poor selection of merchandise, dirty and disorganized. The worst part was the nasty little troll who runs the place. He was rude and condescending while at the same time trying to hit on me. His approach was so inept I almost felt sorry for him. If you're a woman and under the age of 110 don't go in this store without your burkha.

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