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Marie's Liquors & Pizza

View Map 4127 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 685-5030
View Website
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  • Gee Sitkiewicz says:
    On Wednesday 6/16/10 5:39 AM
    6/16/10 Two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I stopped in at Marie's, on Lawrence Ave........It was Cabaret night.....The piano player, Richard, was out-standing......He was able to motivate folks to perform, including me.....The atmosphere was friendly and inviting.....I would highly recommend Marie's, not only for their entertainment, but for their excellent food.....Plus everything was reasonably priced.

  • Vern says:
    On Sunday 4/26/09 1:26 AM
    Brianne, you are an idiot and obviously a drunken fool. Do you honestly think Marie's would be around from the 1940s if they made a practice of "ripping people off" and had "less than mediocre" food! Get a clue! This joint is GREAT! Extremely friendly and always very accomodating. If you had a bad night and were told you were welcome to "spend your money wherever you like" I am certain that you got crappy with the person on the phone and guess what, the response given to you was very appropriate and professional! Marie's has excellent food that you can get cooked anyway you like. The "sale prices" in the liquor store are for "Cash and Carry" and is clearly stated in their advertising as such. Crawl back into your bottle and stop clogging up the phone lines for reasonable, decent people that know a great thing when they come across it!

  • Ghetto girl says:
    On Thursday 10/9/08 4:35 PM
    This is the best pizza in town. Love the 70's decor.

  • Brianne says:
    On Saturday 12/15/07 11:21 PM
    Not only do they have less than mediocre food,they rip you off.Yes,they deliver alcohol and that's the only reason I ever called them,but every time I did they would tell me one price and charge me differently once the food came.In hindsight, they never give you the total before hanging up,and should have figured this.Three times they gave me one price and charged me another.I finally called and brought it to someones attn and they said that they would give me the sale price,but they weren't supposed to because deliveries don't get the sale price.So I said fine.I did it again tonight and the jerks charged me a dollar more than what they said.I had to say something and the woman saying she was a manager on the phone's response to this was giving me their resume and saying people make mistakes and I am welcome to spend my money anywhere I want.I never provoked this woman and I said,you know what,I expected an apology or an offer of credit,but you're obviously not interested in solving this ongoing problem and you don't have to worry about me calling again.They can keep their booze and their greasy pizza.

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