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Sushi Thaime

View Map 4959 W. 95th St., Oak Lawn
Tel: (708) 425-8228
Fax: (708) 425-8220
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  • Mac says:
    On Thursday 3/27/08 1:34 PM
    I'm very lucky to live within 10 minutes walk from this restaurant. From the exterior, the restaurant looks unprepossessing. Inside, place is small but comfortable. Rest assured that you will not be shouting with your dinner partner when you're here.

    The sushi is fabulous and the price is very reasonable. You can eat twice as much sushi here for half the price you would spend in a Loop sushi bar.

    I like the a la carte sushi idea. You get to sample as many or few sushi and sashimi as you want as opposed to bundling it as one order.

    I highly recommend this sushi bar if you're ever in the Oak Lawn area!

  • Jill says:
    On Wednesday 9/5/07 3:57 PM
    Great Sushi! I work downtown, so I have had many different sushi experiences... some good, some not-so-good. But I do have to say that my boyfriend and I find Oak Lawn's Sushi Thaime to be a top contender (and this is comparing to those located downtown, as well as the south burbs). And what is nice is they offer so much more than just sushi. Their version of crab rangoon is AWESOME! I'm so happy I live so close to one of my favorite foods, and it's actually pretty great.

  • Gerard says:
    On Thursday 6/28/07 2:06 PM
    Great sushi! I hope they never leave or change. The tuna, salmon and yellowtail nigiri were fantastic. The dragon and rainbow rolls were also amazing. I can't wait to go back. They have $1 sushi and $4 rolls for lunch. Did I die and go to heaven? No, I'm just in Oak Lawn.

  • Ben Bush says:
    On Monday 10/23/06 12:56 PM
    Of all the little things my wife has found that make suburbia bliss, Sushi Thaime is a standout favorite, worth the trip anytime. With a liquor menu that includes Dirty Martinis and Cosmos at $5, Sushi Thaime starts the ball rolling right. Settle into the warm atmosphere and you'll discover great music, attentive service, and a menu that offers an amazingly authentic pan-Asian taste. The appetizers are delicious, but make sure to order sushi to round out the appetizer stage. I could dine on their sushi offerings alone; however, I would never skip the back page of the menu, which offers entrees in the classic Hi-Ricky/Joy Yee tradition, taking tastes from across Asia and bringing them right home to Chicago. My criterion for a Chinese place has always been General Tso's chicken. At Sushi Thaime, it is literally jaw-dropping. The chicken stays crispy, and the sauce is perfect. Other amazing dishes amongst the entrees include the Basil Chicken (Spicy!) and the Singapore Noodles (with barbecue pork and shrimp). You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you wimp out and try the Pad Thai -- which, while very good, lacks the flawless execution of everything else we've tried there. We had a chance to meet the brains behind the outfit (Sushi Thaime is the hip sister restaurant of Sesame Inn, an old fave of Oak Lawn and Evergreen Parkers), and her commitment and enthusiasm are infectious. Give this place $20 and 60 minutes, and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

  • Renee says:
    On Friday 10/20/06 7:57 PM
    I think Sushi Thaime is a great addition to the Oak Lawn restaurant scene. The restaurant is warm, cozy and decorated so beautifully! The wait staff is very helpful and the sushi chefs are very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed their "Dragon Roll" and the "Green Turtle Roll" which was served warm and had a great wasabi mayo on the top. We recently were seated in the "Tatami Room" which is located right in the front window. Shoji screens mercifully blocked the view of 95th street as we sat on the floor and ate from a low table while being entertained with a private television. The kids loved sitting on the floor and lounging around as they had their dinner. Check this place out when you need a break from the crowded and noisy Chi Tung on Kedzie! Good work to Oak Lawn for allowing this kind of "north side" restaurant on our south side street!

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