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Uncle Sammy's

View Map 1231 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 525-4800
Fax: (777) 525-4884
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  • Seth Rabin says:
    On Sunday 9/28/08 10:56 AM
    Anyone who loves sandwiches and appreciates fresh baked bread will eat this place up. Their bread is so fresh it's usually still warm from being baked. The sandwich makers are always really cool people and the environment is chill. I like to bring my buddies from the burbs here and some of them actually come to see me just so they can grab a sammie -- and check out Depaul girls. All in all a win win!

  • david hawken says:
    On Monday 3/3/08 6:01 PM
    sammy's is located in a student building at Depaul on Fullerton across from the Uhaul . I try to stop here whenever I finish working out at Lakeshore Athletic club where I am a member. I recommend the Italian and my wife loves the brownies. The prices are good and the place sems very clean. I like that they bake their own bread.

  • Facetsmgr says:
    On Sunday 2/17/08 5:43 AM
    I couldn't disagree more than with this last reviewer. I have been eating at this place since it opened met with the owners and have never had a sandwich here in which the bread wasn't still warm and fresh from the oven. Delivery is free and the sandwiches are actually cheaper than any other sub chain I can think of, including JJ's. Incidentally, they are the only sandwich place I have ever been to that has actually cared enough to share their trade secrets and one of them is that they really do use only the best name brand ingredients out there. Considering how their business has grown in the last several months, I would say more people are starting to find out about this little business as evidenced by the generous editorial review here at

  • S.C. says:
    On Friday 2/15/08 12:00 PM
    I Had an awful time eating this sandwich. I would compare it to a second rate Jimmy Johns and I can't even eat there. They couldn't even get an order right. Talk about overcharged I have never been so ripped off I will never order from here again.

  • Jeff K says:
    On Friday 6/29/07 2:22 PM
    Uncle Sammy's is fast in terms of deliver and it's great food. The fudge brownies are seriously the best brownies I have ever had.

    The food is good and they bake their bread often througout the day so it's fresher than Jimmy Johns and Potbelly. I get the Heartland (turkey) sandwich usually. It's pretty cheap too.

  • Pete Tambina says:
    On Saturday 4/14/07 5:34 PM
    I had not heard of Uncle Sammy's but was encouraged by a friend to try them out. Truly amazed at the speed of service and friendliness displayed by the phone staff and driver. All that and the sandwich was excellent too!

  • Greg says:
    On Wednesday 1/10/07 4:40 PM
    Really chill place, walked in one night and there was a full on jam session...drummer and guitar player in the back. I thought it was cool that they would let kids in there to jam, but turned out the the guitar player was the owner! Sandwhich's are awesome. The Pilgrim rocks my world.

  • Amy says:
    On Tuesday 11/28/06 4:28 PM
    Uncle Sammy's was really good and a great value - only $5 for a sandwich - and they deliver within 10 minutes. Perfect for late night cram sessions!

  • Dawn says:
    On Friday 10/20/06 8:13 PM
    Uncle Sammy's Sandwich shop serves really good sub sandwiches. I liked the fresh avocado and the homemade brownies which were a great deal at 1.25 They are open late which is a good thing after the bar

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