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Joong Boo Market

View Map 3333 N. Kimball Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 478-5566
Fax: (773) 478-3130
View Website
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7 Review(s) Total

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  • lkclrby says:
    On Monday 3/25/13 7:45 PM
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  • Lorena says:
    On Sunday 3/24/13 9:52 AM
    Could you write about Physics so I can pass Sceicne class?

  • Finch says:
    On Sunday 3/24/13 9:52 AM
    I'm really into it, tnhaks for this great stuff!

  • Jenna E. says:
    On Friday 10/8/10 2:15 PM
    I just got back from Joong Boo Market after my first visit. I've been craving Kimchi but didn't want to buy from Whole Foods or Jewel, there's no selection and they're not good. I found the market online and decided to give it a try. Not that it matters, but I am not Korean. I found the market to be packed full of wonderful products, tons of tofu and noodles and packaged soups and seasonings! The vegetables all looked fresh as well as the seafood. It wasn't very crowded so I spent a lot of time looking at every product that caught my eye. They had lots of buy 1 get 1 free with the delicious packets of soups and noodles (both dry and frozen). I walked away with tons of goods without spending more than $30. Also, they have lots of jarred Kimchi selections as well as "salad bar" everything from pickled radish to pickled eel. As I was in line to pay, a older woman looked back at me and said "Oh, you like Kimchi? You're not even Korean!" and giggled. She was sweet and funny and gave me her Kimchi recipe and told me to try it next time that it is fun to make. Everyone seemed nice and pretty much just minded their own business, but I didn't feel out of place or unwelcome, I had a fun time and I'll definitely be going back.

  • Jun says:
    On Saturday 4/3/10 9:22 AM
    1) Anyone who uses the term "Mama San" is rude. 2) The only people I have ever seen eating there are Korean. The menu is in Korean and the restaurant people speak limited English. 3) The restaurant is always crowded, SRO and I never see anyone throwing up outside the store, therefore the food is probably fresh and well prepared.

    The store is very large, well lit and full of fresh vegetables, meats, fish, pickles, frozen foods, package foods, in other words, all manner of foodstuffs including liquor.

  • Maria says:
    On Tuesday 8/12/08 12:11 AM
    I have been a loyal customer of the Chicago Food Corp. for over 20 years. I have never had a negative experience with the restaurant. I have seen where they prepare the Kimbop fresh several times a day. As far as the rudeness is concerned I believe it to be cultural. I am part Korean and Koreans are very straightforward people with HUGE hearts!

  • Juni says:
    On Sunday 6/22/08 10:01 AM
    I could not disagree with this review more! The store is dingy and small. The only thing it has going for it is its proximity to the downtown area. And for the love of God...STAY AWAY FROM THE RESTAURANT! The old vegetables and meats they can't sell, they use in the food for the "restaurant" and sell it at restaurant prices (it used to be cheap, as it should have been). It is absolutely disgusting. Only silly Caucasians that don't know any better would consider this food. I saw a picture of the Hungry Hound dude there actually recommending the place. Instantaneously, ABC lost credibility for me. The mama sans working in back are also rude as heck and have mouths that would make truck drivers blush. If you don't want to drive out to the burbs to shop, this place is unfortunately your only option. Just please stay away from the "restaurant" unless you want a mouth full of rotten beef fat (which happened to me).

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