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View Map 1520 N. Fremont St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 787-1130
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  • jeani says:
    On Saturday 5/22/10 3:19 AM
    DO NOT GO HERE!!! THIS PLACE SUCKS!!! I went here b/c of a friends bday. The bartenders are RIDICULOUS!!! AND SO, SO, RUDE. I've never received such horrible treatment!!! On one side, the girl who made my drink was VERY rude and made drinks w/o much alcohol that tasted like crap! and on the other side (there's 2 diff sides with diff music), the guy bartender actually had the balls to REFUSE TO GIVE ME A GLASS OF WATER for a sick girlfriend...even after I told him she was throwing up in the bathroom. He still insisted that I would have to pay for a bottle. WHAT??? WTF??? Is this even legal??? I've NEVER experienced this before. I was not trying to buy NOT water b/c I wasn't drinking alcohol...both my friend and I had already ran up a hefty bill for alcoholic drinks...and I told him my friend...a girl...was sick and throwing up in the bathroom. Seriously, is it even legal for a bar to refuse WATER, freaking water, from the tap, which is free, to a paying customer who is sick!?!!!! And to top it off, he was TOTALLY RUDE about it...and even suggested that I might be thrown out of the club b/c I asked for it!!! WTF!!! I am not joking. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! I've lived in Chicago for 6 years now And have NEVER experienced such rudeness, SERIOUSLY!!! I will NEVER go back here after the treatment I received...and I suggest YOU DO NO GO HERE!! And to top it off, the place just plan sucks!!! It was half empty and the people who were there were lame!!!

  • Bryan-R aka GQ says:
    On Tuesday 12/9/08 1:56 PM
    HOT club.. This is my type of club... Me and my Guys always goes dress to impress and so fitted .. Its a high Class so if u aint got no money take ur broke ass home... holla at me

  • Adam D. says:
    On Tuesday 11/6/07 11:41 AM
    Great place! HUGE with plenty of room to dance and people to dance with. Was a little loud but HEY ITS A CLUB! If you want peace and quiet stay home but if you want to party go to Republic. I'll be holding my bday party here at the end of November.

  • lady says:
    On Wednesday 10/17/07 3:41 PM
    sucky place! the bands are cliche, the girls are soooo raunchy, and the guys are the biggest douche bags! also I left the place wondering if any staff member there was even capable of tying their own shoes!?!

  • Sandra says:
    On Friday 6/29/07 11:42 AM
    Last night Grupo Niche performed it was my first time at Republic. The atmosphere was great the music was loud BUT it was too crowded, not enough bartenders, the price for the same drink varied from bar to bar, and the bouncer was the biggest jerk. My girl had to leave early and when she came back to the door to hand me my house keys I was stopped by the bouncer who said I would have to either leave to get them or stay and do without them when I asked if she could hand them to me through him I was told, "I'm not even hearing you anymore. What dont you get? Leave now or let other people come in and party." I LOVE YOU GRUPO NICHE! BUT PICK A BETTER PLACE TO PERFORM AT NEXT TIME!!!

  • alex says:
    On Saturday 6/9/07 4:03 AM
    i just came back from republic with couple of friends it was a nice club. Good music, drinks, venue, staff, and most important the ladies were top 10. I would definitly go there again.

  • Joe says:
    On Friday 5/11/07 11:45 PM
    Nice Place, but WAAAAAAY to loud!

  • Steph says:
    On Saturday 2/10/07 5:25 PM
    Went to Republic last night (opening night). We friends and I had so much fun! The staff was so nice and even hooked us up a bottle of sparkly! We stayed til 4am! Love the place. Will be back real soon.

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