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Zed 451

View Map 739 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 266-6691
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  • Sandra Smith-Doghmi says:
    On Wednesday 4/23/08 10:41 AM
    Recently I visited ZED 451 at 739 N. Clark and was awed at the contemporary setting, friendly staff greeting and then with the lounge atmosphere and our accommodating bartender. I had a great strawberry and kiwi concoction and settled in for a rundown with my friend and several new Ones! The warm wood overtones and clean design lines in the dining room combined with the cordial staff made our meal an experience that I will never forget. We started off with the fondue meat platter-the cheese was amazing, the harvest table buffet was loaded with salads that woke up my taste buds, I never got to the other side with soups because several chefs were working the room like a cocktail party. I was offered rump roast, garlic steak, sirloin, filet, orange BBQ short ribs, parmesan crusted pork medallions, grilled chicken breast & legs, citrus salmon and lamb. We finished it off with a passion fruit tart that tasted like fresh pick berries. I dine in a lot of restaurants, but this was by far the most gracious of them all.

  • Jen says:
    On Saturday 3/1/08 11:32 AM
    Went to Zed's on Wed. It was my first experience as we were from out of town (abt. 350 miles). I was blown away!! I am more of a veggie eater and loved the fine cuisine on the buffet, but the meat was also excellent. My only dislike was the lamb (it came both filleted and chops). It was just not my cup of tea. But the tilapia..yuuuum and the 12 hr. rib roast was my favorite. Oh I also enjoyed the ginger peach tea! The staff was very courteous and helpful too. Can't wait to go back again!

  • paloma says:
    On Monday 2/18/08 6:13 PM
    Went to Schaumburg location over the weekend with some friends and family. Everyone was positively surprised - the experience was absolutely amazing: wonderful atmosphere, phenomenal food (both salad bar & meat/fish selection), outstanding deserts, friendly & helpful staff, modern & tasteful decor. A bit pricey, but absolutely worth it - for a special celebration or just to get a new and different experience - recommended!!!

  • Teresa says:
    On Sunday 2/17/08 4:07 PM
    Oops! Forgot to mention I went to the Downers Grove location. :)

  • Teresa says:
    On Sunday 2/17/08 3:12 PM
    I'm surprised there were any bad reviews! I had such a wonderful experience while I was there. The service was excellent. Our waiter was really nice and willing to offer recommendations when we asked. Both managers came by the table (one of them came by twice!). The head chef came out and chatted with us during dinner and he brought out a little chocolate desert personally! The hostess also came by towards the end of the meal to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. I can honestly say I have NEVER had such excellent service anywhere. The food was wonderful. When the servers found out I prefered my steaks medium-well, the chefs brought out special plates made just for me. I loved the garlic steak and the tilapia was truly wonderful. The mango salsa they put on the tilapia is to die for! Both my husband and I enjoyed our drinks. Make sure to order the Cranberry-Spiced Old Fashioned. I know I'm going to spend the next few weeks trying to make my own version. The best part of my experience was how wonderful the chefs were. I mentioned to our waiter that I wanted to know what they put in the poached pears. About 20 minutes later, one of the chefs came out. He had the recipe printed up nicely. He explained everything clearly AND gave me one of the ingredients that are hard to come by. It was such a nice surprise. I was thinking the waiter had forgotten about the request. I know I will definitely go back and I don't understand how anyone could have a bad experience.

  • Barb C says:
    On Saturday 2/16/08 7:08 AM
    I have gone to the Schaumburg location several times and have always LOVED IT. The food and service is fantastic. We had the Chef offer to make us special items, what a great bunch of hard working people. Keep up the good work!

  • b says:
    On Thursday 2/14/08 3:51 PM
    Well the ppl that left a bad review about Zed451 must not know what good eating is.... I loved it never had anything like it everything is so fresh... including the salad bar ( and NO it does not look like it had been sitting out for days) Who ever did no like this restaurant should just stay with your usual eating wich is probably some cheap restaurant... But who really likes good eating I totally recomend it

  • anonimous says:
    On Saturday 12/1/07 2:07 AM
    i actually work at zed. i personally think that this restaurant has a lot coming its way. its preety amazing in my opinion how much hard work into this place. i am truly ashamed that someone would of had such a horrible experience like the man above. it seems as though he didnt go to the place where i work.

  • Atticus says:
    On Friday 11/2/07 1:17 PM
    I had my mind set to check out Zed451 this weekend, but after reading these reviews it sounds more like "Zed SOS". I will postpone this visit for another year. Greatly appreciate your comments.

  • shackleton bluvane says:
    On Sunday 9/30/07 10:48 PM
    I recently had the unfortunate experience of dining at Zed 451. Normally, I am quite a big fan of the whole dining out experience, however I found this execptionally dreadful. Not only was this all-you-can-eat buffet overpriced, but the food was not worth it. There was a "salad bar" with food that looked like it had been left out for days, the meat was dry and salty, and the pretentious drinks took forever to arrive. In addition, the management had the nerve to stumble to our table between drinks. The management was at the bar drinking, and then made the rounds to patrons. (ODD) Overall, the experience that I had at Zed 451 left a lot to be desired, namely the money I spent on a terrible meal.

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