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Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

View Map 520 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago
Tel: (312) 427-3800
Fax: (312) 427-2919
View Website
Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
8 Review(s) Total

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  • Evan W says:
    On Saturday 3/15/08 12:11 PM
    Picketers outside demanding better employee benefits. managage mr. s is a sleazy man trys to rip off guest my isleading them about rates/rooms.

    we've stayed here one night so far on the 4th floor room 418. both my friend and i have reported strange incidents. my bedroom door within the sweet was knocked on when my friend was in the shower. i open my curtains, leave the room, curtains are closed again. my friend left his bath bag zipped up, got out of shower and it was open with a few things taken out of it and left on the table.

  • Emma says:
    On Friday 7/29/05 8:26 AM
    I stayed at the Congress 2 years ago and didn't find it bad. I stayed in the suite overlooking the Lake, the sight was amazing, the room clean and comfortable, the only thing I didn't like was the bathroom: really small but not dirty. The building is superb, maybe it should be renewed a little but I didn't find so many negative sides. I enjoyed my stay.

  • Pam says:
    On Saturday 7/9/05 12:43 AM
    My family stayed the last two evenings at the Congress Hotel and found it clean and comfortable. The staff was very friendly, courteous and helpful to all our needs. The hotel itself is endearing, and the history surrounding it only enhances your experience.


  • BILL says:
    On Monday 10/25/04 9:53 PM
    This hotel is supposed to be on Strike? All I saw was a bunch of people sitting in flower pots smoking cigarettes and eating McDonalds. My stay was uninterrupted by the so-called Strikers. The rooms were clean, and it looked as if the hotel was making some renovations. Maybe, the hotel is better off without the people sitting in the flower pots smoking and eating. The Congress Plaza Hotel, is the ideal location for families to stay with close proximity to the Museums and great restaurants in the area. The concierge desk was really helpful with suggestions of restaurant and entertainment. Overall my stay was great at the Congress. DON'T be intimated by the Strike. After all if you can’t find another job in over a year making $8.00 dollars an hour there must be something wrong with these people.

  • Jon says:
    On Tuesday 7/22/03 7:40 AM
    (part 2) If the place had been maintained since 1959, it could be a nice place to stay, but the photos on the Internet sites must have been taken in the 30's cause we could not find THOSE rooms where we were. If I had seen any review other than the 'o.k.' one, I would have run for the hills! You should too.

  • Jon says:
    On Tuesday 7/22/03 7:38 AM
    I chose the hotel for two reasons, location and price. We wanted to walk to most of the sites, and we wanted to view the Lake from Mich. Ave. We arrived at 10:30pm on Sat eve to what seemed like a small riot. Picketers on the front walk, behind a police barricade, hurled obscenities at the 'Scabs' working at the front entrance. We were ushered into the hotel only to find it crowded with all sorts of people in the process of complaining to the clerk that their room keys did not work, etc. As I checked in, a man told my wife from behind "he would not stay here if he were us, they're crooks". Unfortunately, we had paid in advance thru an Internet booking and could not take the chance of trying to find something else at 11:00pm on Sat eve. so we stayed. We were given a room at the far end of the dark and dirty (& smelly) hall overlooking the back alley. Once in the room, I thought seriously about staying up all night to protect my wife. Just outside one of the elevators on our floor, their was a strong smell of incense or something probably covering some other smell. This smell was there every day of our visit. Things did settle down on Sunday and Monday, the picketers dropped in number but were always there. On Sunday I asked if we could move to the Lake side and we were given a room on the top floor looking East with a great view. Once in the room, it was very quiet and we were not disturbed by other guests or the staff. Staff were always helpful. (see part 2)

  • Adeela says:
    On Tuesday 7/8/03 5:59 PM
    I recently stayed at this establishment for the fourth of July (July 4 to 6 2003). Not only was there a strike the entire weekend, but I felt myself wanting to join in! My hotel room was dirty upon my arrival ( mind you service was so backed up I couldn't check in until approximately 4:30). There were cigarette butts, brown paper bags, chip crumbs, and orange juice caps on the floor. I was so disgusted that I did not feel comfortable walking around my room without slippers! The staff were very nice, I must say. However room service was very slow for my morning coffee and my mugs were dirty! I had to send them back for clean ones twice!! I spoke with the manager about my disappointment and she offered me two coupons for free breakfast. I told her I could not imagine even eating there with the unsanitary conditions that I observed! The hallways are old, smelly and dim, I felt like I was in Stephen Kings movie "the SHining"! I had to give myself a "pep talk" just to get myself into the shower!

    I will say the view was beautiful but that is pretty much it. It is a beautiful old building, perhaps if they would maintain it and get quality workers, the hotel would be worth the stay. I was thoroughly disappointed with my stay there and WOULD NOT reccommend the Congress hotel to anyone! (well maybe my worst enemy)

  • Kimberly says:
    On Tuesday 7/8/03 12:55 PM
    I visited this hotel during the Fourth of July weekend, 2003. The best thing at the Congress Plaza is the view. However, I can look at Lake Michigan for free. For $156 a night, I do not expect to smell mildew in the hallway, wait four hours for a room key, step on smashed chip crumbs on the carpet, receive dirty dishes from room service, and the list goes on. Management was indifferent to my complaints of cigarette butts, juice caps and general filth in the bathroom. I was offered free breakfast in the hotel diner. Using the cleanliness of the guest rooms as a guide, I quickly said no thank you.

    This could be a beautiful establishment. The architechture, location and size have truckloads of potential. Unfortunately, whoever invested in this property is unable or unwilling to spend the money to restore it.

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