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Recent Big Guitars from Memphis User Reviews

11 Review(s) Total

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  • Berke says:
    On Sunday 11/17/13 6:33 AM
    I'm a big fan of Bourdain, and I'm really happy that the Philippines fiallny got featured in No Reservations. But after watching the episode parang I felt like Tony and his crew could have done better. (reading Tony's blog, apparently he realized it too)It felt like I was watching more of a Bizzare Foods episode kase. Saka medyo naging drama yung dating eh. Where's all the fun, smiles, laughter, all that festive mood that come with Filipino feasts? I would have wanted the world to see that too.uhhh.. hopefully i don't get some nasty stares after posting this.

  • Fredrick says:
    On Friday 11/15/13 1:24 PM
    It looks to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks havnig the exact same problem? I enjoy this webpage and dont want to have to miss it when Im away from my computer.

  • isxwbvf says:
    On Tuesday 3/12/13 7:39 PM
    U6Sfwv , [url=]tkcxylbvtuin[/url], [link=]ojultawpofuy[/link],

  • ovkmpjyq says:
    On Monday 3/11/13 6:32 AM
    vmGaYP iaelpdmqvfad

  • Gulya says:
    On Friday 3/8/13 2:53 AM
    You guys are my favorite band of all time. Your music is rieershfng. In a sea of generic Christian lyrics that seem manufactured for sales and bands that just copy whatever is popular at the moment. The Waiting stands the test of time. I hope your new stuff is as thoughtful and spiritual as your previous music. After all this time I still fight back tears when hearing Never dim or its enough

  • cgxakdgdgf says:
    On Sunday 3/11/12 3:43 AM
    5SJooJ harniguzfuqa

  • phie says:
    On Thursday 3/1/12 9:01 PM
    Moosh, isn't that ipilmed?Jeff, were my other influences at all on the mark?NYCWD, well, I made the disclaimer kind of as a joke, but also figured I'd let people know at the same time.Dave2, well, it does violate the Ten Uncommandments.Sybil, I was going to post samples but thought they wouldn't appreciate it, and now Jeff showed that they have them on their website.Crystal, I know you're normally into gangsta rap, but maybe you'll like this too.Jeff, thanks for the link to the samples.Whall, exactly how I feel.Diesel, the Eagles was an influence I almost mentioned. It's funny how different people can hear such varied things in a song.

  • Hetty says:
    On Wednesday 2/29/12 6:56 AM
    Deep thikinng - adds a new dimension to it all.

  • Linda Wintz says:
    On Monday 8/15/05 2:23 PM
    Great band... Saw them at Navy Pier and they are one of the best roots music players around Chicago. Definitely a must see.

  • Tony Goetzinger says:
    On Saturday 10/2/04 8:32 PM
    I saw the band this summer at Schaumburg Festival. After reading the last review from Jennifer King I wasn't expecting too much. WOW! was I suprised.. This band was so tight and played country root music like no other band in the Chicago area. The players all pros and they put on a great musical experience for the listeners. I highly recommend seeing this band. You don't have to be a country music type to enjoy this unique brand of playing. I look forward to seeing them again soon when they're in my area again.

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