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Bogart's Charhouse (Homewood)

View Map 18225 Dixie Hwy., Homewood
Tel: (708) 798-2000
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  • Lisa V says:
    On Sunday 1/4/09 9:50 PM
    The atmosphere wasn't what we expected either. With a name like Bogart's we expected more of the 1940's supper club but most of the restaurant is a sports bar. The service was ok-our server was nice but with the salmon being completely inedible she said she would mention it to the manager but the manager didn't stop by the table. It should have been a sign when we were looking at our menus, I noticed one of the chef's walking from the bar into the kitchen with his shirt half way unbuttoned exposing his hairy chest. Bogart's is not the high class restaurant you would expect especially for the prices they charge! Next time we'll head to Aurelio's down the street or head downtown for our usual 1940's supper club, Wildfire.

  • Lisa V says:
    On Sunday 1/4/09 9:49 PM
    I signed up just to tell you to go somewhere else! We had dinner there last night and the best things we had were the veggie tray, the bread, and the baked potatoes-not so good for a "Charhouse"! Salmon is one of my favorites but this was the worst salmon I've ever tasted-it was extremely fishy and very dry (apparently overcooking couldn't kill the rancidness). Our server was attentive and kindly replaced it with a veggie stirfry which was slightly better, it had a weird smell and the rice was more like Unlce Ben's. My husband ordered the filet and shrimp special-shrimp was good but the filet was overcooked and arrived to the table cold, his filet was replaced with a warm filet that was undercooked. All of the portions were big, but unfortunately bigger doesn't make it better!

  • Barb Zartuche says:
    On Tuesday 12/23/08 2:12 AM
    This is the first time I've ever been told table time was limited. Not only that, the staff & management was really rude about it. Waitress kept bothering us to get us in and out quickly. When we complained, management came and told us it was true, we would have to leave as they only allowed 2 hrs to eat and we were late. Gratuity is mandatory 18% for parties of 6 and it definitely was not deserving. We barely finished our food when it was time to give up the table. So we asked to move to the bar for dessert & finish drinks, where the service was worse and we were pushed out by the Kareoke guy. The food was great, but who wants to be rushed. It would have been OK if we could actually enjoy the great food. Prices too high, loud bar, tables too close together, service rushed, bad management attitude. They lost my business and referrals.

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