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Reggie's Rock Club

View Map 2109 S. State St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 949-0121
Fax: (312) 253-2050
View Website
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2 Review(s) Total

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  • todd says:
    On Friday 11/20/09 1:39 PM
    This place SUCKS!!! The security and staff are some of the most uneducated people I've ever came across. The place is constantly surrounded by bums that won't leave you alone until you give them money, the best part, the security does nothing about it. My friends as well as I on three seperate occasions have went there to eat, all three times we have gotten the wrong order. Good job guy's, see your staff is on top of there game. The bartenders seem to be more preoccupied texting on there phones, and playing tag behind the bar, while people sit there waiting for a drink. Another good job guys. Food sucks, staff sucks, this place sucks in general. From what I've heard most of the staff is the owners childhood friends, No.1 no no in business. Let,s see how long this wannabe rock club lasts.

  • Kathy says:
    On Wednesday 5/14/08 9:56 AM
    Not a very good experience. Better clubs out there. The employees, from bartenders to "security" are unfriendly. I paid $10 to get in and I thought that I would be able to see the three bands that were playing. I was told after the first band that I would have to leave and pay another $10 to come back in and see the next band. Sorry, but there are many, many other FRIENDLY places out there. I will never go back.

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