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Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket and Cocktail Lounge

View Map 645 Joliet Rd., Willowbrook
Tel: (630) 325-0780
Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket and Cocktail Lounge Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
13 Review(s) Total

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  • Christy says:
    On Monday 7/20/09 9:06 AM
    The chicken basket rocks. I think it is huge for amazing food, and finding singles. There are a lot of younger people eating it up. In fact that is where I found my husband. HOT DAWG!!! It's amazing.

  • southside says:
    On Monday 3/9/09 1:53 PM
    chef pats wings were awsome! the chicken wings were great! mac n cheese outstanding! the creep listening 2 my conversation at the bar PRICELESS!!!!

  • kate says:
    On Monday 2/16/09 11:57 AM
    I Live near the Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket and my husband and I have been going there for 20 plus years.. I found out that "FLO" The waitress that everyone is referring to got fired. And yes she needed to go a long time ago. However, A little fact about the chicken #1 it is marinated over night and cooked to order. That means that it isn't under any light keeping it warm it is cook as everyone orders it... that is why It takes 30 Minutes to cook it properly to get in nice and juicy. If you are thinking you are going to get out of there in 30 minutes and you don't have time to sit... yes you should go to another chicken place. No where on the door says you will get out in 20 minutes. It is sorry to hear that one bad waitress is going to deter you for having good food. And as for a forced tip of $10.00 you should have said something to the manager. But, thanks to your postings he was able to have prof of "Flo's" behavior and she is out of there. Don't give up on the place... it really is a great old fashioned Chicken joint.

  • Elaine says:
    On Saturday 2/7/09 11:40 PM
    Thoroughly disappointed. I went there with my boyfriend and high expectations for the place. We often watch "Diners, drive-ins and dives" and just saw this place on there. Good ol' Guy has never let us down yet, so we decided to go. We got there and waited 15 minutes to be seated. When we finally were seated, our order was taken and we didn't see our food for an hour! A WHOLE HOUR to get 2 sandwiches! Not to mention there was a table with 2 young children next to us, and the waitress verbally punished the kids for not staying in their seats. I am sorry but as a waitress, it is NOT in your job description to yell at your patron's children. Honestly, the service was SO bad, from the wait staff to the time it took for the food. On top of it all, the food was mediocre... I can honestly say I will not return to this restaurant EVER, and sorry Ms. Thang, Coke beats your RC any day.

  • Aaron says:
    On Saturday 2/7/09 11:33 PM
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND! We waited 15 min to be seated after the bus boy finally rolled out of the back. Ordered our food and waited ONE HOUR till our chicken was brought out. We were one minute away from just walking out and going to Chipotle. The food was decent but not worth the hour wait and lousy service.

  • Donman says:
    On Saturday 4/19/08 11:28 PM
    I don't think I've ever felt more insulted. Upon walking into the empty diner, I felt that I was not wanted. "Flo" talked to me with a sarcasm beyond understanding. She made it seem as if I should apologize for requesting a Coca-Cola when all they have is RC. After the eye-rolling and 20 minute wait to be seated and have my order taken, I asked how long it would be. she replied with "10 minutes for the burger and 30 minutes for the wings" WHAT? Did I come here to eat 20 minutes before my friend? Gratuity was outrageous. I purchased a $9.00 burger and a $2.00 RC and my friend had a $8.00 plate of chicken and a $2.00 RC. Why then, would the forced tip be $10? All of a sudden it is customary to pay a 50% tip? Do yourself a favor and leave that hillbilly Flo alone so she can pick her teeth and make an easy minimum wage living.

  • P71 says:
    On Monday 4/14/08 2:14 PM
    Horrible! Was there with the last reviewer, and the rest of a group of car enthusiasts. Waitress deliberately put a separate table of guests on one large lump bill, after ordering (even after asking to be billed separately), just because they grouped to one big table. Causing payment issues at the end of the ordeal. Very unfriendly service, seemed we were a big inconvenience to "flo" and only wanted us out. The mistake on our part was simply not walking out after ordering.

  • TotallyPo'd says:
    On Monday 4/14/08 12:54 PM
    STAY AWAY!!!! We were there 4/13/08.This place used to have good food and tolerable service,not any more,the manager(?)is "too busy" to answer customers questions and snaggle tooth the waitress is rude and treats the customers like they're idiots,treats questions about menu items like their biscuits as if they're a waste of her precious time. And the food quality is in the toilet. Look around the rear parking lot of the place and you'll find large pans full of grease and rotten chicken parts attracting vermin. It ain't what it used to be. I will NEVER go there again!

  • SLAMMO says:
    On Friday 7/20/07 3:58 PM
    Customer service at this restaurant STINKS. Our waitress was very unfriendly. I have a feeling she just wanted to leave after a long night (we arrived close to closing time). After my wife ordered water with her meal, she seemed to get even more hostile. After waiting more than 40 minutes for our food, the kitchen and Miss Congeniality delivered the wrong order. After eating a roll,and drinking a coke and a troublesome glass of water we left. Also, following this incident I wrote a note to Dell Rhea's Chicken Casket voicing my concern over their lack of service. Not suprisingly I never received a reply. Save your money and go to another restaurant that places value in your patronage.

  • Moriah monnet says:
    On Saturday 3/12/05 2:34 PM
    Don't feel that the owner and host of Dell Rehs are accomodating to customers. It's not the kind of place to go if you want to be treated with respect. The chicken is hot but you can get chicken in much better restaurants.

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