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Twisted Tattoo and Piercing

View Map 4168 N. Elston Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 866-0100
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  • Kristi says:
    On Thursday 4/23/09 8:45 PM
    IThis place is great, I will only have Nando do my tattoos, I have 3 done by him and they are great, my last one was a wolf on my lower back. Color is great!! And the price was right.

  • Heather says:
    On Tuesday 2/24/09 10:27 PM
    Piercing Pete had done all my piercings and he is great! As far as the tattoos go . . . they are a little pricy, i would go down the street to Gallery of Ink on Lawrence and Montrose and get my tattoos done there, great artists, great atmosphere, and their prices are even better! :)

  • pisted says:
    On Tuesday 9/30/08 2:52 PM
    come on is this for real i would have to agree with jenny here on this i think if u are going to get a tattoo or piercing at any shop take five minutes call the city of chicago and see how many times a shop has been closed down due to tattoing and piercing of minors or selling tabacco products see if there artist have a Bloodborne pathogens certificate by OSHA not the RED CROSS this is your body do u want to pay your hard earned money for crappy work you might as well just go to a house party if u want to take chances with your life and get tattooed this shop has been closed at least 3 times for different reasons please people do your research before you get tatooed there is alot of good artist out there take the time and look around this shop is a scam one my friends got tattooed there and after going to 4 differnt shops no one will touch it so now he has to do laser to remove the crap he has on him than he can find a shop that will cover the crap up and the fox news poll lol anyone can sit at a pc all day long and vote

  • Paul says:
    On Thursday 4/24/08 9:18 PM
    Been looking to get a custom piece done for a while but just couldn't find a shop that had artist that would take the time to sit down with me to draw me up a custom piece. Nando and Adrian at Twisted collaborated on the design and it came out awesome. When it comes to custom designs and customer service, the guys at Twisted at the best around. Fox news got it right, they one of the best in Chicago.

  • Johnny says:
    On Wednesday 4/23/08 3:41 PM
    I've been pierced at many studios, including Insight, Jade and Tattoo Factory. And Pete at Twisted by far is the best. He knows what he is doing. I would definitely recommend him and the shop to all my friends.

  • Karen says:
    On Wednesday 4/23/08 3:34 PM
    Best place I have ever been to. The guys there are very curtious and professional. They made me feel comfortable getting my first tattoo. They do great custom work at awesome prices. I shop around and paid almost half the price other big name shops wanted. I am a customer for life.

  • Jenny says:
    On Saturday 4/19/08 11:52 AM
    This was the wrost vist to any shop I have ever experinced!!! I really dont care what fox news voted them they are very unprofessional! It all began when the so called men who work there started making rude comments very loudly about my apparence making me feel very uncomfortable. The "PERIRCING PETE" supposedly shop owner did not stop them but joined in making sexual comments towrads me. They are pervs and i have never felt so disrespected in my life! Trust me I would rather pay the extra money at jade dragon then ever go there again! And there art work isnt even that good either. I have to go back 4 a touch up but id rather just someone else do it and pay 4 it! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

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