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Dublin's Pub

View Map 1050 N. State St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 266-6340
Fax: (312) 266-7838
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  • Valerie says:
    On Monday 10/20/08 2:29 PM
    We used to love this place. Good food served piping hot, cold beers, nice bartender. Yesterday we went and my hot/baked food was served less than luke warm, which I cannot eat. I asked the bartender if she would have the chef reheat for just a few mintues, she was very polite. TWENTY minutes later (I assumed he was remaking them) the original plate of food arrived burnt to a crisp and placed in front of me. That is not bad customer service... that is blatently offensive. The bartender took the food off the bill because obviously I can't eat charred oysters and asked if I wanted something else. Ah, no. No thanks. Just the check...

  • DeeDi says:
    On Saturday 5/24/08 8:50 PM
    I am so surprised with these negative reviews. I live 2 blocks away from Dublins, and this place ALWAYS delivers the best quality of food. It's hard to find a restaurant that offers a great salad, great fish, great pasta, great appetizers, great sandiches... They have my favorite salads in all of Chicago. All their food is abosultely delicious, and they have several fish specials every day. The one time I complained because I felt I had been given less scallops than usual, they readily brought out some more at no charge. I always recommend this place to people, there is a reason the place is jam-packed everyday. Did you think that maybe YOU were being rude? It wouldn't surprise me because so many people in this area are high-maintenance and demand the world to accomodate to their every tiny need. Maybe you should check your attitude, realize you are a normal human being, go in there and relax. For service where they don't let you take a sip of water without refilling it, maybe you can go just next door to Morton's. For a BAR, their food is better than many, many restaurants.

  • Jason Lawson says:
    On Wednesday 2/27/08 1:32 PM
    I went there on my 30th birthday. my brother and i walked in and ordered food to go. As we waited the bartender didnt seem to like us all that much and asked us to leave. We obliged. as I was walking out a chicago police officer pushed me down to the street. my brother came out with the food and was not happy. i told him its ok (it wasnt but i knew that was a fight that couldnt be won) and as we were stepping into a cab my bro had a few last words for them. the cops stopped the cab pulled us out. cuffed us then proceeded to mace us while cuffed. we were then arrested for trespassing. cops never showed up to court. After further investigation apparently Dublins and the Chicago PD have some sort of love affair. You couldnt pay me to ever go back to what was once a favorite bar of mine.

  • anon says:
    On Wednesday 11/14/07 9:12 AM
    I decided to hunt down a review page for this pub, specifically to post my disappointment in the place after we had just one drink there. Now that I've seen everyone else’s reviews I feel much better knowing that I'm not the only one who’s had a bad experience there. I simply ordered two drinks and the guy gave me just one drink before serving other people. Fair enough, I thought, maybe he didn't hear me. So I asked for the second drink, a Guinness. He seemed to think I was being difficult when I had been nothing but polite about it (especially when it was his error and not mine), and he gave me a Guinness that was half a pint of head, so I asked if he would mind topping it up for me and he just slopped it around a bit and started getting rude and shouting that I hadn't given him a tip when I ordered the first drink. I have done bar work myself and am usually quite sympathetic to bar staff but this guy was an idiot and didn’t have any right to demand a tip from me – in fact, I was quite glad I hadn’t given him one straight away. My group only stayed to finish the drinks we had, then left – it is the worst bar I have ever been to, anywhere.

  • Matty says:
    On Monday 8/6/07 3:21 AM
    This is almost the exact same review as the one from 6/30/07. I thought maybe it was coincidence. No. My buddy asked to have a refund tonight because his order of fries was waiting to be picked up for so long to the point it was cold. Instead of obliging the fuming waiter walked outside and brought the police inside who told him "You're outta here." My buddy, who saw the whole thing coming, replied "That's fine I'm just waiting for a refund first." The waiter came back immediately with the refund and gave it to him and in passing said "There you go you f***ing douchebag." My buddy and some of our friends left at this point. I was so surprised at what the waiter said in passing my expression apparently caught the attention of the waiter who recognized me as part of the party and made an offensive motion towards me and said "What do YOU want huh?" I replied, "I'm not staring you down man, though I must say I've heard stories like this about this place." Immediately the police ushered me out the door threatening physical harm. This is the worst "pub" in the city of Chicago. I don't care if it's open late. Listen to the reviews. There's got to be SOME reason behind most people saying the service is HORRIBLE and the wait is long resulting in there being no reason whatsoever to further business in this establishment. Don't be fooled. Dublin's is the pits. Unless you like abuse and cold, mediocre food, you will not enjoy. Thanks waiter, you're a real class act.

  • black group says:
    On Saturday 6/30/07 12:22 PM
    this place sucks my waiters name was tony he called the police on us after the food wasnt properly cooked & he put someone elses food on our bill so we would have to pay there manditory 18 percent fee. extra 40 bucks for his pocket.

    when the police came we filled a report on this e resturant unfair policy

  • Mark Jenkins says:
    On Tuesday 11/7/06 7:37 AM
    Ate at this establishment in winter of '06. Had some cajun dish that was absolutely superb. It's a lively, crowded place that's a bit on the loud side, but the food was excellent and the atmosphere was cool. Thought the prices were reasonable.

  • T says:
    On Saturday 8/19/06 7:07 PM
    Dublin's Pub is the worst place ever. You are better off staying at home. People and service is horrible.

  • Lindsay says:
    On Saturday 12/17/05 11:55 PM
    Horrible place to eat/drink beer. Took 20 minutes to get service. Then it was rude service. Stay away from a girl name Vicki. Worst service I've ever had and she hit on my boyfriend. One person bathrooms that are flithy and the lines are insane. Sorry won't go here again!

  • Jack Sachs says:
    On Monday 11/28/05 6:51 PM
    Dublin's is a definition dive I'm happy to invite people to. I've been stopping in for years and am never disappointed with the reliable food, no-frills service, or near-distracting bustle that actually only heightens the time you're spending with other easy-going dining partners. It can't boast the Mag Mile golden-chic half of these reviewers seem to have sought, but it easily serves up the unimposing acceptance and straightforward charm that bring individuality and pride to America's all-too-forgotten third coast.

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