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Market Bar and Restaurant

View Map 1113 W. Randolph St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 929-4787
View Website
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9 Review(s) Total

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  • Garrett Prybylo says:
    On Sunday 4/8/12 12:50 PM
    Just terrible. Hostile and pretentious. We were assaulted, threatened, and accused of drug possession by the staff for turning of a television. That's the gist. Read on. Tell your friends. The Market is a no go.

    I went to Market last night for the first time with my girlfriend and two friends. We heard the roof top bar was nice. It is closed until may though, and however nice the roof top may be, I cannot imagine compensating for the hostile staff. The way they spoke to my girlfriend and the way we were treated as a group was unreasonable beyond comprehension. Nothing may justify their irrational, hostile behavior toward a group of docile, smiling patrons.

    The entire situation was ludicrous. Nothing will ever convince me to stop back in that poorly staffed, poorly located, hostile bar.

  • Joshua Mercer says:
    On Wednesday 6/16/10 10:24 PM
    This is establishment has horrible racist, class, and other discriminatory practices! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. I was refused admittance when I went there to watch the celtics v lakers game because I had on a t-shirt. While arguing with security they continually let people (white) in who had on t-shirts, gym shoes, hoodies, and jerseys. I HAVE NO BEEN SO DISRESPECTED IN MY LIFE!!!

    If you are a minority and you enjoy being treated as a second class citizen this is the place for you! Its sad because it is part minority owned.

  • Sarah says:
    On Saturday 8/8/09 6:04 PM
    I went to Market the first time the other night and had an amazing time. My friend and I had drinks and ate at the bar. The bartender (John or James, I forgot his name) was absolutely great. He was so personable and got us addicted to his favorite signature drink, The Bubbletini. The space is really nice and the pizza's were really good. I would recommend Market to anyone. We really had a wonderful time.

  • joe1 says:
    On Monday 6/29/09 2:47 PM
    on 6/26 i was standing in line. About 20 people deep. Of course as usual 2 scantily clad females are in line in front of me. Of course far be it from them to have to stand in line like normal folk. Within 2 minutes they decided to bat their eyebrows at the bouncer and got in. Every bar has this cycle and it doesn't care it alienates the average patrons. So annoying. Bye bye for another year. That crap gets old!! Be prepared to wait in line. .

  • dominique roumain says:
    On Monday 6/22/09 7:32 AM
    Enjoyed myself. Went with about 8 girlfriends and the atmosphere was incredible. The food was good, all except the nachos....not good. The wings, shrimp, chicken were all good and the drinks great!

  • Carrie says:
    On Tuesday 6/2/09 10:55 PM
    This place was a painful disappointment. My husband and I consider ourselves pretty well versed on the restaurant scene in Chicago; we try approx 1-2 new restaurants a week. With this in mind, we advise you not to try Market. The service was slow, the $12 nachos were made w/ Tostitos (even though the menu listed "fried corn chips"), the guacamole was from a can, my salad was from a bag, my husband's burger was charred like a little nasty brick (he said "it is the kind of burger that makes you never want to eat a burger again"). The only saving grace was that the drinks were fairly strong, as they should be for $10-$12 each. My husband went to talk to the manager (after we paid the bill), and the guy (25 years old or less) just looked at him. No apology or anything. Obviously we will not be back ... pls save yourself the annoyance (and money), and skip Market.

  • TBall says:
    On Wednesday 5/20/09 4:37 PM
    Went last week right after they go their liquor license. Nice crowd and interesting food but they have to get their wait staff up to speed or they will fail long term. The fact that the bartender looked surprised when I asked for a lime for my Corona and the long wait to get a drink from the waitress showed that they have some early jitters. If they get this fixed they will be a big hit.

  • Cheryl and Kyle says:
    On Saturday 5/9/09 11:03 PM
    We had lunch there today and it was amazing! The atmosphere is casual but the interior is anything but-not something we expected from that area of the loop. Ordering took time because of the array of cleverly named options and they are delicious and so are the prices! For dessert we chose an ice cream sundae-cotton candy was a close second!-and it was literally the biggest dessert we have seen outside of a wedding. We can't wait to go back and try one of the other seating options-rooftop,outdoor or beer garden.

  • Alexandra says:
    On Thursday 2/26/09 11:10 PM
    supposly they are going to have a 4,000 square foot deck, overlooking the city.... drove by and the deck looks amazing cant wait for this west loop bar to open its about time we have a good outdoor space to hang out!!

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