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Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House

View Map 1024 N. Rush St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 640-0999
View Website
Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
11 Review(s) Total

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  • jipodtkq says:
    On Saturday 11/5/11 6:53 AM
    VJF2su zxitfemkoelr

  • Lele says:
    On Wednesday 11/2/11 9:36 AM
    This makes everything so completely piasnles.

  • DA says:
    On Friday 12/31/10 8:13 PM
    We had a great time dining at Hugo's, but it is definitely a special occasion type of place. We spent about near $150 for two of us and we did not have any alcohol and split a main entree. We did however, get to enjoy different appetizers including oysters, clams, and escargot. The escargot is nothing special, but the oysters were so fresh and they had a good selection. The chowder was some of the best that we've ever had. For the main course we split surf and turf (filet mignon and lobster tail), both were very very good and cooked made to order! Our server was great but did make a look when he found out we were spliting our entree. That was unnecessary but we did have a fabulous time and great food and for the most part great service as well. To sum it up, Hugo's is a crowded place with a vibrant scene, expensive food, but good quality. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Eisenberg says:
    On Tuesday 1/19/10 6:00 AM
    We have eaten at Hugo's many times and find that the quality and quantity is consistent with the price. While not inexpensive, we have always had a quality experience except for one time and a complaint to the manager got an apology and a future free dinner.

  • Angie says:
    On Sunday 8/31/08 12:02 PM
    Well, reservations are pointless. We had a reservation for 9pm and weren't even seated until 9:30pm. Upon inquiry as to the delay, we were told "this is Chicago, what do you expect?" We were seated all the way in the back of the restaurant and it was extremely crowded. Just walking to our table was a challenge trying to avoid bumping into other diners and servers. The people were friendly enough, but our waiter was almost argumenatitve about what we wanted to order. We also asked him for individual checks and he kept saying he would just put it all on one check and split the difference. Not fair to those who weren't having cocktails, etc. I ordered the steak medallions and crab legs. I told him I wanted the steak well done and he said if he put the order in for well, they would be charred. So, he decided for me that he would do medium well to well. The meat was very pink when it arrived so I had to send it back. Overall, just not the best dining experience. For the prices, you would expect a quieter atmosphere and less .. "chaos". I won't be dining there again and neither will my friends.

  • lola says:
    On Monday 2/19/07 12:08 AM
    Order the Irish Coffee when you first get there if it is cold... Here's a treat...from the tender and delicious Crab cake to the humugous baked potato it was great eating there...servers and staff very friendly...

  • Victor Orlandi says:
    On Sunday 12/31/06 10:12 AM
    On Sat. 12-30-06, the soups were excellent. Service was fast. The fish was fresch and well prepared. It stands out as a seafood place.

  • Naomie M says:
    On Tuesday 10/10/06 9:17 PM
    For a bill that was over $300 for 5 people (2 being under 7) this restaurant was awful. The waitor actually dropped my husband's steak ON THE FLOOR and did not even offer a new one. I ordered my steak "medium rare" and the inside was barely pink. When I sent it back asking for a "cooler center" the waiter was not very happy. The steaks were tasteless, as was the grilled tilapia. I will add though that the chowder was the BEST I have ever eaten. Save your money and go to Ruth Chris' if you're in the mood for steak.

  • bkt says:
    On Tuesday 9/5/06 7:43 AM
    What a huge disappointment. My husband ordered one of the daily fresh catches, I had another. Absolutely no taste whatsoever. Very bland and tasted as if it had been boiled instead of cooked at a place that supposedly specializes in seafood. Chicago's got far too many really good restaurants to be hooked by this place's cute logo and location on Rush street. I wouldn't go back again even if the meal was free.

  • elynum says:
    On Sunday 5/28/06 12:37 AM
    This place does not know how to prepare seafood. Bottom line. We got calamari and it was way to salty and instead of a unique calamari sauce, they served cocktail sauce. The wait was ridiculous. We sat down at 10 and at 10:50, we got our food. If you are looking for good seafood, this is not the place

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