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Bacino's Stuffed Pizza (Lincoln Park)

View Map 2204 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 472-7400
View Website
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  • ian says:
    On Sunday 12/23/07 5:03 PM
    Absolutely best dining experience in Chicago! The service was exceptional. We ordered a stuffed pizza with garlic and ham that fed 3people, two beers and a hot chocolate and paid $20. The both sauce and garlic were FRESH MADE, even many expensive downtown joints use canned stuff. Haven't tasted other things on the menu yet, but if they are half as good as the pizza, I'll be dining there every other day! *****

  • Shi Davis says:
    On Thursday 9/13/07 5:44 PM
    The food is very good but, the place is infested with roaches and mice... The health dept officials that supposedly check the place, are members of the restaurant association,and so is the general manager, and give them a pass.

  • McK says:
    On Tuesday 12/27/05 9:50 PM
    i worked for bacinos at the Taste of Chicago this summer... their pizza is about all i ate for 11 days straight but i love it!

  • Elise says:
    On Tuesday 7/19/05 2:55 PM
    This is the best pizza in the city, hands down. It's so good I'm trying to figure out how to get it shipped to New York! Regardless of the service (which in my experience has been great at all locations), the pizza is just delicious!

  • Kevin Schofield says:
    On Friday 7/16/04 12:32 PM
    The pizza is so great, I live in Atlanta, GA and I'm trying to get Bacino's to ship frozen pizza's back to Atlanta, and the sad part about it. I've only had a sample during the Taste of Chicago a couple of weeks ago!

  • Oscar Berke says:
    On Monday 9/15/03 12:50 PM
    I think the best Stuffed Pizza around. I live just over the Wisconsin border and have a Giordanos within 15 minutes, but I still like to make the drive all the way to chicago for this pizza, and it has one of the tastiest pizza sauces I have ever had, and yet not so spicy that I get heartburn.

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