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Jimmy John's (Evanston)

View Map 824 Clark St., Evanston
Tel: (847) 328-8858
View Website
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7 Review(s) Total

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  • Laurin says:
    On Tuesday 7/26/05 10:45 AM
    After all the good reviews here and from friends, I decided to try Jimmy John's. Talk about overrated! The bread was devoid of flavor and a few slices of ham, some tomato and lettuce does not a gourmet sandwich make. My six year old could make a tastier sandwich. Very disappointing.

  • Jon Dougherty says:
    On Tuesday 5/3/05 11:10 AM
    Sandwiches are fast, but fairly tasteless-- a couple slices of meat, some cheese, a handful of iceberg lettuce and a thin tomato slice or two does not make a good sandwich let alone a "gourmet" sandwich.If all you want is cheap and fast, go for it. But if you want a sandwich where the bread doesn't overwhelm the fillings go someplace else, or at least order double meat (which makes it as expensive as better sandwhich shops).

  • shannon says:
    On Wednesday 1/12/05 8:56 AM
    I'm not a huge fan of eating sandwiches, but if I do find myself craving one...Jimmy John's has never been a disappointment. Compared to Subway this place is prefered hands down.

  • R.W.H says:
    On Wednesday 4/7/04 10:19 PM
    I work for Jimmy John's, and i don't know which stores you all have tied, but my store is superb, with excellent service, and friendly workers who will ALWAYS deliver, sometimes even after we close. And my unbiased opinion before i got the job was the same thing. Go grab some Jimmy John's and find out for yourself what a real sandwich tastes like!

  • Alex says:
    On Thursday 2/19/04 1:32 PM
    I agree, Mr. Pibb is a "must-have" for a sandwich shop like Jimmy John's. The food is okay, but without Mr. Pibb, it's hard to eat a whole sandwich.

  • dave says:
    On Thursday 9/18/03 3:04 PM
    i have to agree with the guy above, they dont answer their phones when they dont want to work, which is most of the time. and when they do answer they say they are closed, hours before closing time, or they say im out of their delivery range, which im not. on the rare occasions when i do get a delivery the delivery person is often rude. it seems the employies dont want to deliver and make it as difficult as possible for a customer to get delivery.

  • Chris says:
    On Friday 9/5/03 12:10 PM
    I've just been to the one on Chicago Ave next to Seattles Best Coffee and it was a very good experience. A good vibe from the people that work there and the sandwiches are consistantly very good. They also always manage to deliver in under 20 minutes to my house about a mile away on bikes. I like 'em !!

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