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Johnnie's Beef

View Map 7500 W. North Ave., Elmwood Park
Tel: (708) 452-6000
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  • mark says:
    On Monday 4/27/09 7:01 AM
    it hasnt been the same since fat nick leftthe hot spot of the 1970's...although the serving sizes are way smaller you still can't get a better beef and italian ice.

  • Ken says:
    On Sunday 10/19/08 9:13 AM
    I too love Johnny's beef sandwiches. I now live in Orlando and would love the recipe. Please send to


  • Colin says:
    On Wednesday 11/7/07 8:50 PM
    "Beef, no peppers, take it for a swim"! I grew up about 2 miles from Johnnie's, but I've lived in Oregon for the past 14yrs. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the mouth-watering beefs from Johnnies. I dream about them between visits to my folks. Another 3 weeks and I'll be back. I can almost taste it now..........

  • Barry Brown says:
    On Sunday 9/2/07 10:21 PM
    Im 64yrs old I have been cooking beef and pizza for 49yrs.Johnnies is the most authentic west side Italian beef in chicago land I ate there when they first opened and I still eat there.I was a wholesale food manufacture in chicago at 924 w Fulton market we sold beef and made italian sausage which we sold to hundreds of accounts i must know something. we did a lot of research and development to produce good product,A lot of beef stands buy thier beef and juice all ready made the beef comes in a bag and the juice comes in a bottle. If your looking for a big fat beef, thats not what its about. Its about good. I dont know who in the world puts chedder on a beef sandwich but dont come to my joint.A beef sandwich is a fair amount of beef with sweet bell peppers or giardiniera. Cheese fooey.If you eat at mcds jack in the box or burger king you will eat anywhere but if you like a good beef like johnnies you dont eat at those places.If you eat italian ices in the city you will pay 5 or 6 bucks for an italian ices the size that you get at johnnies.So now go to johnnies and enjoy your lunch or dinner or your late night snack. Thanks for listning . a happy customer

  • ABs says:
    On Friday 7/20/07 2:41 PM
    I can't believe that people would actually compare the delicacy of Johnnie's Beef to that over-oily and greasy Portillo's Beef. YUK! Johnnie's sandwiches are the perfect size and their beef is juicy, along with their hearty gravy which is not at all oily. It makes a perfectly juicy and flavorful beef. The only thing I wish is that they would add the choice of mozza cheese. Ain't nothing like a cheezy beef! And their italian ice. . .don't get me started. To die for!!!! Although we used to live in Chicago and ate there frequently, now we drive an hour just for Johnnie's about once a month. Worth the trip, no, WELL worth the trip!

  • Billy Vittorio says:
    On Tuesday 6/19/07 10:52 AM
    Johnny's is great. This Tom guy below me must be half-retarded. It is a well known fact that Max's on Western uses shoe leather in their beef. Disgusting!

  • Tom says:
    On Wednesday 4/18/07 8:59 AM
    Most overrated beef ever. If you want a great beef try Max's om western ave. in the city.

  • Sidney Jones says:
    On Wednesday 11/29/06 10:57 PM
    Oh my God the Juciy beef dipped with hot oil and sweet peppers is to die for! I live in Joplin Mo and I am craving a Beef! I love them.

  • l quinones says:
    On Monday 6/5/06 10:17 PM
    I relocated to florida almost 5 yrs ago after living in chgo all my life. Johnnie's was our weekend treat. The long lines used to keep us away, we decided to give them a try after many trips to the Northlake Walmart, are food was quickly delievered and once we took the first bite we were all hooked, best hotdogs beefs and Italian ices not to mention the best fries always hot,fresh and delicious, we have never had to return any food, ever. It is one place i wish that would relocate to Florida we may have the theme parks but Johnnies most def has the best food.

  • chris says:
    On Friday 1/20/06 11:26 AM
    u have to have the combo its the best. and the staff at the arlington heights location is much nicer. i have been going to jonnies for 12 years and the staff can be rather rude at times.

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