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Recent Ron Smolen Big Band User Reviews

20 Review(s) Total

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  • yimgjdcqu says:
    On Wednesday 1/23/13 11:29 PM
    5wR6Zb , [url=]tcafyuhxalve[/url], [link=]ewjcpvnrmrui[/link],

  • dajqdjyd says:
    On Wednesday 1/23/13 5:09 PM
    ZkjpTR vctuzhftzkxo

  • wuonunb says:
    On Wednesday 1/23/13 5:42 AM
    J7WmYm , [url=]ywvoyjdelohw[/url], [link=]bfgiidiwpdxt[/link],

  • Prinesh says:
    On Monday 1/21/13 4:14 AM
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  • Amirol says:
    On Saturday 6/2/12 6:30 AM
    Yeah very nice, was chatting with brad the other day saynig how both wished we had something this well produced when we were 15, i know i was recording on a dodgy old pc in a shed about then and everything that came out of it sounded horrible (the only difference is i'm inside now lol) .the playing sounds good on this track, the writing is cool for guys this young, and agree the vocalist sounds really good, so the track overall sounds really good.The production side of things is what we have come to expect from DC, clean, precision placed effects and cut together very well, my only small gripes are that the track for this style i would have expected huge sounding guitars and drums, overly compressed everything that smacks you in the face but the power in this track seemed a little low volume throughout, also it seemed to me to have a huge amount of breakdown/hooks splattered through the track? not sure if this was the writing or the way it was cut together, but it was very obvious for the sections that had no vocals and kept changing breaking down and building back up ..the guitar tones are super nice, specially on the intro, also solid drum recording to boot!Overall its a really good track, dc has done a great job of "radio'ising" the track and giving it appeal as well, 85% from this side of the globe can i have some more pretty please?

  • kmptxokxl says:
    On Sunday 7/31/11 4:57 AM
    aHlBIW lopzndbbmooo

  • hlshhcmyb says:
    On Friday 7/29/11 9:17 AM
    yOB8aE pkqckcnfbuku

  • Digger says:
    On Friday 7/29/11 12:09 AM
    It's much easier to udenrstand when you put it that way!

  • Deb Snellings says:
    On Wednesday 7/11/07 9:18 AM
    I miss dancing to this band at the hub ballroom. Ron always had a wide variety of music to please everyone. I am glad to see he is still playing even though the hub closed up. I wish he would come to our area again. We always made it a point to go dancing to his band. Why settle when you can have the best. Ron put me on your mailing list so I can learn of your upcoming performances. Keep swinging!

  • Bill Leeds says:
    On Wednesday 2/7/07 3:01 PM
    From Garber to Basie, this band COOKS!

    New Year's Eve. at The Crystal in Staunton, Ill. was fantastic! This quaint little suburb of St. Louis was really movin' on NYE 2006. The Ron Smolen Orch. kept evryone on the dance floor and those that don't dance, well, their feet were a-tappin'! The wife and I really enjoyed this band as we always do. We hope they will be back next year or before so we can dance up a storm once again. If you've never heard them, check them out. And THANK GOD they are CHICAGO'S OWN!

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