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Recent Jazz Conspiracy User Reviews

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  • Ted says:
    On Thursday 6/17/04 8:30 PM
    Great show! Especially the bassist. This guy has a touch that can be mentioned in the same sentence as Patittucci. For somebody so into the the power trio Rush, you can tell he has a great blend of incluences that are expressed in every note he plays.

  • Frank says:
    On Wednesday 5/12/04 6:21 AM
    Jazz sighting: Last Monday I dropped in to the Metropolis Coffee House, 1039 W. Granville, for an expresso. To my delight I heard some dulcet jazz tones which encouraged me to stay for a while. The source was a quintet (trumpet, tenor sax, bass, piano and drums) which calls itself the Jazz Conspiracy. These young guys play their own brand of modern jazz in a range from original compositions to old standards. Their "Mingus Amongus" is paticularly cool. Each of these musicians is an accomplished soloist (and each takes his turn), but as a group their togetherness shines and shows a lot of work. This is smooth, toe-tapping music -- listenable apparently every Monday, for just a cup of coffee.


  • Zach says:
    On Friday 4/23/04 9:39 AM
    As someone who catches up to 10 live acts a week, I've got to admit, JC's intimate, yet stimulating shows have kept me coming back. The group's approach really embodies what jazz is for me: great attention to the technical aspects of the music, concomitant with a true mix of intellectual yet soulful improv-yes, pure joy.

  • Melvin says:
    On Thursday 4/22/04 4:26 PM
    These guys sizzle! They play a mix of standards and originals and their arrangements are exciting and fast-paced. They're the rare jazz combo that's entertaining for the jazz aficionado and the casual listener (like me). I went to one show where the trumpeter and the sax-man dueled for like 10 minutes. At one point, the sax man riffed on the Star Spangled Banner and the trumpeter came back with Dixie. It was like the Battle of Antietam all over again. Seriously though, that brought the house down. I’d definitely see them again.

  • Meg says:
    On Thursday 4/22/04 12:11 PM
    You would never know these guys have only been playing together for a couple months, as they sound like old pros. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and their ideas add a new freshness to well-known jazz standards. The Jazz Conspriacy is definitely one of the most enjoyable jazz combos I've seen in a long time.

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