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Recent Simply Slang User Reviews

9 Review(s) Total

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  • Lee N. Williams says:
    On Saturday 11/12/05 6:04 AM
    Simply Slang simply is the best. I don't know why there are so many haters on here talking against this band. Some of you guys sound like you have a personal vendetta against this band.You should feel privledge that Aaron the front man of simply slang performed at a dead bar like that. Cause it is a bar and not a club. Anyways stop hating on the bamd and show some luv cause this band is hot. Simply Slang keep doing what you doing you guys rock.

  • Dana says:
    On Tuesday 6/7/05 4:01 PM
    I was there, and I can say this-Simply Slang wasn't there-Just the singer, and he did admit that the previous band was better. But, I thought Simply Slang was gonna be there, not just Aaron Morales, because that's what I was informed. To me, he was decent, as well as the other acts, but I was expecting unplugged from him. I don't know about signing cd's or whatever because he dissapeared after his performance.

  • Jesse says:
    On Sunday 6/5/05 12:26 AM
    Tom Di Carlo must be some type of publicist because I was there and Simply Slang was terrible. There was no signing autographs for any fans because morales was by himself. I think its sad and pathetic that you have to make up lies and trash the other acts (that were way better) and the trash the promoters (since it was a networking showcasing night and NOT a Simply Slang concert) to make this half a$$ed band look decent. Shame on you and I hope they never let them perform again.

  • xippos says:
    On Saturday 6/4/05 11:52 PM
    Re: Tom Di Carlo says Are you kidding me? The two acts you mentioned were the best ones there!! Aaron Morales wasnt the "opening act", it was an open mic event (chi music industry networking nights) and he requested to go last and even said himself on the mic that he could'nt top the "Insane Clown Posse" you mentioned them. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and I bet you weren't even there. A Morales was drunk and his vocals blew. He was the worst act of the night and everyone at the club agreed. They are a good band but that performances just down right sucked!

  • Tom Di Carlo says:
    On Wednesday 6/1/05 1:09 PM
    I saw Aaron Morales of Simply Slang at Xippo nightclub this weekend-It was decent but it wasn't what I expected. He had three opening acts-Some dude played instrumental acoustic stuff-He was decent, and some band with an awful chick singing who put me to sleep... pure alterna-dribble. And the other opener was some Insane Clown Posse sound a likes, but honestly, they were the best of the openers, but their rap-rock style and Simply Slang's punky/blues rock don't work together. Anyways, Aaron Morales came out, and though it was billed as an unplugged gig, but he came out with a Flying V! He rocked the preppy crowd, slaying them with well-executed guitar solos and awesome bluesy rock-n-roll, but they didn't seem familiar with who was actually performing. I assume the promoters didn't do their job when it came to promoting the show, because the openers didn't fit with the headliner. Anyways, he played all the Slang songs, and a few solo songs of his own. He ended the set with "Angeline", and his encore was a new song he wrote, but I can't remember the name of it. Anyways, he was very nice and talked to everyone and gave free signed cd's to all the fans. I would see him again, but the venue sucked... bad sound, small as hell, and bad opening acts. But overall, Aaron Morales is a class act-He can pull it off, with or without Simply Slang.

  • Renee says:
    On Wednesday 5/11/05 7:15 AM
    I love this band-Their song 'Angeline' is awesome. They put on a real good show, and they're really down to earth-I saw them recently and they played acoustic songs, and they really come across well in that format. From what I heard about them, I was expecting some hair-metal band, but honestly, these guys have much more talent than what people classify them as. They have more in common with the Rolling Stones than a Bon Jovi or something. I say definately check them out when they play near you-It's worth it.

  • Adam says:
    On Friday 1/28/05 8:27 PM
    I seen the band back when they were still called Deadline, and I preferred their music better then. When they changed their name, they became more of sleaze metal band instead of the pop rock style they used to do, which had more in common with Bon Jovi than Faster Pussycat. Then again, their fan base seemed to have doubled since then, so what do I know.

  • Dina says:
    On Friday 1/21/05 1:11 PM
    You can't be serious! I saw them in Lansing last summer, and they were awful! They were drunk, obnoxious, out-of-key, you name it! The singer even forgot his lyrics. I'll will agree with one thing though, they were LOUD.

  • Larry Gersdale says:
    On Sunday 12/26/04 7:57 AM
    I caught Simply Slang in September playing Rodney's in Highland, IN-And they sounded great. The singer is one hell of showman and a great guitarist. In fact he appears to be the lead guitarist of the band because he did 90% of the solos. With their Marshall stacks and leather and fog machines, I felt I was given a great show. I would see them again. I can see why their fans are so rabid-They truly know to rock out and have a good time. Also they did a cover of Billy Idol which was better than the original! Warning: These guys are EXTREMELY loud!

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