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Orange (Lakeview)

View Map 3231 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 549-4400
Fax: (773) 549-4413
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  • brenda zack says:
    On Monday 2/6/06 12:04 AM
    orange was great ! the pancake flight was amszing as well as the tomato basil mozzarella eggs benedict. I would definitely return to Orange!

  • Mary Wallman says:
    On Saturday 7/2/05 11:43 AM
    The first time I went: 1/2 hour wait smug waitstaff Fantastic cuisine-Fruishi was orgasmic, orange coffee-dreamy!

    The second time I went: 45 minute wait (Mother's Day--should've known better--I pity any restaurant on that day!--No, really, get a private caterer and do it at home!) Kitchen couldn't keep up with the demand, food was underwhelming. Very disappointed. Can't even remember my meal. Wish I had stayed at home.

    I suggest going here during the week. Try it then and you'll see a more consistent delicious experience.

    Tip to the waitstaff: Service Martini: 2 parts humility, add a splash of compassion, skip the attitude and garnish with gratitude. serve warm

  • Diana says:
    On Thursday 6/2/05 9:00 PM
    I don't know what is up with all these bad only complaint is that I wish they were open for longer hours so i could enjoy their amazing food during more hours of the day. The frushi is yummy and the green eggs and ham are as well. I've taken all my out-of-town friends here and they're never dissapointed. The waits on weekends can sometimes be hellacious b/c the belmont spot is small but free coffee is offered while you wait, can't beat that, but on weekdays you can easily get seated and the servers are super nice.

  • eytan says:
    On Sunday 2/13/05 5:34 PM
    I've eaten in the South Loop branch quite a few times already and unfortunately I have to say that the food is getting worse and worse each time I go. Last, I ordered eggs benedict and there was hardly any hollandaise sauce on it, and the eggs were way over cooked. This was not the ranmdom case with only mine, but everyone else's as well. Not good. Nothing to say about the service though.

  • Daniel Zhagoda says:
    On Wednesday 2/2/05 7:34 AM
    I don't know what's with these bad reviews...granted, I haven't been to Orange for a few months...but, having now moved to New York, this is one of the top 3 Chicago places I miss. Don't go on weekends-go like on a tuesday morning and the waitstaff is really chill and friendly. But, mostly, the food...oh, the food! The frushi will blow your mind, the potatoes are always delicous and the omelettes...mmmm. Don't believe the haters-try it for yourself. I do, every time I'm back in town! This and Walker Brothers are, without a doubt, the two best breakfasts in a tow.n that knows breakfast

  • Kimberly says:
    On Monday 10/11/04 2:42 PM
    Positively awful. Moldy toast and uncooked potatoes. Need I say more? You would be better off going somewhere with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere like Tweet or Sweet Maple Cafe. I would never, ever eat here again. Not if I were starving and they had the last crust of bread in town.

  • Amber Nedale says:
    On Tuesday 9/28/04 4:44 PM
    awful - I thought I would give this restaurant a 2nd chance after having been disappointed eary this Summer. If anything, the service was even slower and the portions - though seemingly impossible- were even smaller. Very smug staff and management. If it's vogue to have your menu items over-priced and barely there, Orange is cutting edge. This restaurant is a blotch on an otherwise good neighborhood.


  • fatima says:
    On Friday 8/6/04 2:02 PM
    i wish that i wasnt a poor college student so that i could go to this relatively pricey restaurant more often! the atmosphere was refreshing and uplifting. the only problem i had was the amount of time we had to wait before getting our food. but i couldnt have asked for more once i got it! everytime i have visitors i make sure that i take them to orange at least once during their visit!

  • bill biederman says:
    On Tuesday 7/6/04 8:56 AM
    Awful, AWFUL! I had heard a handful of good things about this place, mostly regarding their 4 fork newspaper review. My experience last weekend in this restaurant is about the worst I've had all year. I can handle the 35 minute wait to get in, but a full 40 minutes before any food is put in front of me? The man to my left was screaming and cursing about an hour delay since he had ordered his meal. At least 45% of the customers were irate. They staff seem oblivious to this and seem to be coasting on their shortlived good reviews. I'd be willing to give them a couple of stars if the food was worth it. If you are remotley hungry DO NOT order the $11 'famous' flight pancakes. I swear the amount of food on this platter is less than 4 ounces. Atrocity. I will NEVER go back to this joke of a restaurant.

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