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Orange (Lakeview)

View Map 3231 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 549-4400
Fax: (773) 549-4413
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  • Karina says:
    On Thursday 6/12/08 5:47 PM
    My family and I went to Orange on a trip to Chicago, and it was definitely a good choice. I'm surprised there are so many negative reviews. We (table of 4) went at around eight in the morning, so there weren't many people. The waitress was friendly and she gave a good window seat. My meal was pretty good, the Green Eggs and Ham, and the rest of my family loved their meals, too, but the frushi was simply the best thing on the menu. It was flavorful, exotic pieces of fruit on sticky-sweet rice, and it was just to DIE for. (By the way, the AC seemed fine to me.) If we ever go back to Chicago, Orange is definitely a sure thing on our list.

  • Stephanie Malosh says:
    On Wednesday 6/11/08 8:46 AM
    You know a restaurant is going to be good when they refer to pancakes without toppings as "boring cakes". After hearing rave reviews from countless friends, I came to Orange for Sunday Brunch.

    Their coffee is absolutely delicious, with a hint of orange flavor. While the green eggs & ham were good, it was the frushi that was to die for. The sweet sticky rice topped with fresh fruit was so amazing that it could have been my main meal (and probably will be when I return).

    Frankly, I was pretty surprised to read of the many negative reviews that this restaurant received. If you're coming to brunch with a small group (4 or less), then you shouldn't experience any of the gripes people had about long waits or bad service. It's definitely worth checking out!

  • Aimee says:
    On Sunday 6/8/08 6:29 PM
    We should have listened to the majority of the reviews posted here and never gone. If there are licenses to operate a restaurant, this one should be revoked for horrible service. The wait to be seated is the wait, that's to be expected. The air conditioning is so poor that we opted for the "patio" which we found to be worse as the exhaust from the large a/c unit was blowing hot air on all of us. They served us our juice one-at-time and the coffee about 5 minutes later than that. Over a half hour after we ordered, still no food, then it started to rain. We waited in the aisle until there was a table, then another 10 minutes when they served 3 of 4 meals. They eventually told us that they served the other one to another table. About 10 minutes after the 3 of us finished, they brought the 4th meal. It was poached eggs -don't they only take like 3 minutes to begin with? They deducted that one meal and gave us a 20% discount on the rest. NEVER going back again!

  • Suz says:
    On Wednesday 9/26/07 2:03 PM
    What a disappointment! I convinced our lunch group to try Orange on Harrison - now I have to redeem myself. Our food was cold, hard and tasteless. Never again. Go to Lou Mitchell's.

  • Dutch101 says:
    On Wednesday 9/19/07 2:25 PM
    I don't understand why anyone actually likes this place. Pretentious, average quality and HORRIBLY overpriced. If you are going to pay $10 for breakfast, at least go somewhere where the quality makes it worthwhile. Dining for airheaded Chads and Trixies.

  • Alexis says:
    On Friday 4/6/07 5:03 PM
    AWFUL! While this was my favorite brunch place in Chicago due to the unique menu and tasty food, I will not go back there EVER. I went on a Friday afternoon. They took our names, party of 2, and told us to come back in 20 minutes. So we did- they told us they couldn't seat us bc they stopped seating people. We said were on the list so they finally gave us a table after 5 minutes of debating. Then we waited 50 minutes for our food when there were only 4 tables with people at them. Next they brought us our eggs with lettuce instead of potatoes. They said they ran out of potatoes and did not apologize- and did not tell us before they decided to serve it to us o give us the chance to leave or get another side order. Finally - there was a hair in my food. NO ONE APOLOGIZED. I had to ask them to take my meal off the bill and while they did they were very rude about it. This was an awful experience and I left the restuarant starving, hating their staff, and surprised about how unprofessional they were.

  • Darryl says:
    On Saturday 3/31/07 4:25 PM
    I live in the building, and dine at Orange often. I can say that you will almost always receive fantastic, creative, flavorful entrees; however, if they have a full dining room, the staff becomes stressed and disorganized. Some of the staff can become rude. You may not get some of the items that you order without asking repeatedly. If you dine on the weekend with a group of more than 4 people, then many times there will be a significant delay with at least 1 person's entree.

    This restaurant couples some of the best breakfast food with some of the worst service in Chicago.

  • Carol says:
    On Wednesday 3/28/07 7:37 PM
    Orange was awesome! I was in town visiting a freidn and went on a Friday around wait, great service and DELICIOUS food. I ordered the Stuffed french toast and frushi...3 months later and I'm still craving it. Too bad I live in CT or I'd be there every week!

  • Emily says:
    On Monday 10/23/06 9:26 PM
    I disagree with all the bad reviews. My boyfriend and I tried the brunch last weekend and it was amazing. Their omelettes are delicious and totally unique. Plus, the place is not stuffy at all. Also, our waitress was friendly and quick with our food. Sure there was a 45 minute wait, but it was Sunday and everywhere with a decent brunch has a wait in Lakeview. We just took a walk and came back.

  • Dasha Dikanov says:
    On Tuesday 7/4/06 3:52 PM
    The service was aweful and we basically left before we even got our drink order. The host would not sit us in the section we requested (there was 2-3 empty tables in it) and then she threw her menues on the table. Later she came by and threw some juice order forms at us. Thats when we left. I tried to tell her that we were leaving but after making eye contact with her a few times she wouldnt come over. With service like that the food cant be that good because it ruins the whole atmosphere. Go to Uncommon Ground instead, much friendlier and really good food.

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