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Beck's Book Store (NEIU)

View Map 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 588-2770
Fax: (773) 588-3746
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  • cotdeels says:
    On Tuesday 4/3/12 1:29 AM
    yxmk1E wntuttytfbuk

  • ixbfvs says:
    On Saturday 3/31/12 10:07 AM
    UV02jt zjgtiihjvdcb

  • Imtiyaz says:
    On Friday 3/30/12 10:54 PM
    I beg to differ with your idlicurous view of Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck is one of the only persons I have listened to, that has the courage and conviction to expose Washington's radical agenda. You people just can't stand the light he sheds on your beliefs and Saul Alinsky influenced deceptions and philosophy. What do darkness and light have in common? Not much.. I feel sorry for you, as you have been seduced into lie after lie. Did you know that Saul Alinsky dedicated one of his books to Lucifer and touted him as the first radical? Gee what a swell guy. How is that hope and change working out for you all? G. M.

  • Ben says:
    On Wednesday 1/3/07 11:45 AM
    I think that Bob must work for Becks. I think that this book store's got one of the worst services of all. Their employees are rude. Also, they are extremely overpriced. There are several times my whole class bought the wrong book because they misplaced the tags. A lot of times, the class starts before they have the books needed for the class. Long story short, I think they are terrible.

  • Bob says:
    On Sunday 8/20/06 5:57 AM
    Not overpriced if you consider that price is one of the costs of convenience.

    Sure, you could shop the internet or other bookstores - but that takes time and money too.

    Any if everybody did that an a school bookstore closed then everybody would lose the convenience.

    An unintended consequence: Beck's employs several students from Northeastern, further extending educational opportunities.

  • steph says:
    On Saturday 5/21/05 7:41 PM
    Beck's is really overpriced. They normally do have all the books you need for class, but are way too expensive. Their buy-back deal isn't so hot either.

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