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Ranalli's (Clark)

View Map 2301 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 244-2300
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  • Casandra says:
    On Saturday 12/20/08 9:22 PM
    The pizza is phenomonal, but it's only the half of it. The menu is huge a filled with everything. Even great mexican dishes!

  • Tracy Curran says:
    On Tuesday 8/14/07 2:36 PM
    I was born(Cook County) and raised in Chicago(South Side), and Ranallis is most authenic and traditional pizza still, and I stress still around. For those who don't care for it, they are either not originally from Chicago or they are into fake 40$ pizza biters. For a really good pizza and a beer, not wine (yppy), you have to drink beer, try Ranallis.

  • Annette says:
    On Saturday 2/25/06 9:48 PM
    I love the food. The service is great. However, they do not deliver to certain areas after 10 pm and I don't think that is fair. When we were living in the south loop we were granted delivery all night. However, we were informed the other day that we can only be granted delivery before 10pm because we no live on Chicago and Wood. The restaurant explained that we have moved too close to Humboldt Park. So much for "UP AND COMING!"

  • Reid Kelly says:
    On Monday 10/25/04 12:36 PM
    Their pizza is not bad but it's not great either. However, they are open late and the service is second to none. Get the Fajitas or Tacos and watch a game there on Sunday. It is a great local hangout.

  • pizza guru says:
    On Friday 4/2/04 9:50 PM
    Its the most orgasmic pizza i've ever eaten! I'm ordering one right now!

  • Stacey Flores says:
    On Sunday 1/11/04 7:54 PM
    We were looking for some place that delivered late and was given their number by our hotel. We called around 2:30 am for a delivery and was told it would be there within the hour. At 3:50 the food still hadn't been delivered so I called back, 3 times actually, and no one answered. The flier said they delivered until 5. What a nice impression this made for first time customers! We ended up taking a cab to a 24 hr restuarant. Next time we're in town we'll go someplace else!

  • mike hunter says:
    On Thursday 10/30/03 1:25 AM
    ur pizza sucks enaldis is way way better then ur dhitty pizza

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