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Rolling Lanes

View Map 6301 Joliet Rd., Countryside
Tel: (708) 352-7262
View Website
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  • Shawty007 says:
    On Monday 5/18/09 3:41 PM
    Dan and anonymous, Rolling Lanes is a small mom and pop business. We do not have the luxury to call Brunswick (which could cost $450/hour for labor alone not including parts charge). Our own staff fix them if anything breaks. Just because our rate is cheap doesn't mean it's cheap for us to buy a new part for our machines. I hope you understand that for your safety and the longevity of the lifespan of our equipments, we have a strict policy of no loft bowling, no double-balling and other destructive bowling styles. Can't we all have fun without breaking stuff?

  • Happy Customer says:
    On Friday 8/17/07 10:01 PM
    I was reading some comments posted and find it very hard to believe the staff at Rolling Lanes were so rude.... I have been bowling there for the past 4 months and the staff have been very friendly and helpful. I kept loosing my ball in the machine... The guy at the counter made sure I got it back asap...The bar always has awesome specials with the most friendly staff... I would recommend you visit this place for a fun and friendly time.....

  • Dan says:
    On Wednesday 6/27/07 2:30 AM
    For the last six or so months me and friends have been going to rolling lanes every tuesday night for a few hours of bowling. Tonight was the last night we went there, we had two lanes and just joked around for two frames where we bowled two balls down the lane, they turned it off on us and told us too bad. They were watching the whole time yet didn't say anything and just shut the lane off on us. Two employees were at the counter some bald older guy with glasses and a younger guy with glasses who is always there and seen us all the other times we were there. They didn't have any respect for us as customers, they should have said something or refunded us some money for the loss of the lane since I don't see how we did anything wrong, we didn't error the lane or anything most the time was gutter balls. It was an okay bowling alley but now I refuse to give them my buisness.

  • anonymous says:
    On Saturday 2/10/07 12:49 AM
    this is a terrible bowling alley...the workers (atleast 2 in particluar) are ignorant and disrespectiful...we basically got our lane taken away from us after paying for it for the whole nite. they gave it to someone else and refused to give us a refund. all we did was leave the lanes for a while to eat get something to eat real quick at the restaurant inside...our stuff was sitting rite down in the lanes...they said we "technically" owe them money?? the guy we talked to was ignorant and asked us if we were done "crying about it?"...he swore at us and was ignorant rite from the time we walked in to the time we left. we asked to tlk 2 the manager and they said we can call him wednesday...we said we have school and jobs to be at and they said thats our own fault. i just have to say that was my first and last time ever going to that bowling alley...i will stick to brunswick zone and other bowling allies where i can get some respect as a costumer...

  • LJLee says:
    On Sunday 3/13/05 10:43 AM
    Rolling Lanes has the best Coaching Staff!

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