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Shaw's Crab House

View Map 21 E. Hubbard St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 527-2722
Fax: (312) 527-4740
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  • Hexter says:
    On Monday 7/27/09 1:22 PM
    July 25, 2009 Shaw's is the Best Seafood Restaurant in Chicago. My wife and I dined at Shaw’s Crab House on Sat night, and it was fantastic. We have eaten out at a lot of restaurants, and we can honestly say that Shaw’s (either Chicago or Schaumburg) still has it going on, and is top of our list for consistent, quality seafood and shellfish. The food is always prepared right, with great service, and the dining room is comfortable, where you can relax and enjoy your meal. Here was our dinner/all worthy selections: Start with their hand-shucked dozen assortment of oysters (Chicago Magazine just voted “the best” oysters), then their famous jumbo lump crabmeat crabcake (North Shore magazine voted “best crabcake”), then their wonderful Lobster Bisque soup, then split an order of their steamed Alaskan King Crab legs with side of melted butter, then try the in-season special, three delicious soft shell crabs sautéed in lemon, garlic butter, all with great veggie sides, and end it all with Key Lime Pie and Homers Peppermint Ice Cream with Hot Fudge sauce. Hot Intelligentsia coffee drinks and specialty tea capped it all off, and we were very happy overall. Shaw’s has the seafood dining experience down to a perfect science. Highly recommend!

  • Chris says:
    On Wednesday 1/3/07 7:52 AM
    When he returned with our drinks, my martini was not made with absolut peppar, nor was it made dirty. I asked him why. He had thought I wanted a plain absolut martini. How can you confuse that order? He went back to the bar and brought me a replacement. I have to say your olives are fantastic and unique, and my drink was made this time with Absolut Peppar, HOWEVER this second martini was not made dirty. Yes, I could have reodered AGAIN, but I was "done".

    I ordered the walleye and my date ordered the Shaw's platter. She was quite impressed with her dish, particularly the crab cake was amazing. My walleye was tasty, and the green beans were perfect... but about half way into my meal a bone pieced my gum and lodged itself in between my two back teeth. I had to go to the men's room and embarassingly dig it out in front of the mirror while other people used the facilities. My gums did bleed.

    Our waiter came back and offered dessert and we choose to share a creme brulet. It was AWESOME! Perfect consistency and the flavors were great. UNFORTUNATELY this part of our experience had to be ruined as WELL.... a quick look to the left (in plain view of our table and every table in the vicinity)... our waiter was COUNTING HIS TIPS. I found this disgusting.

    I left the restaurant after spending $95 + tip... and not exactly showing my date a great time... feeling... very unsatisfied... and every upset that the "buzz" of Shaw's had drawn me in.

  • Chris says:
    On Wednesday 1/3/07 7:50 AM
    (part I) (Written in the form of a letter - because a letter was actually sent) Dear Shaw's,

    I have to say I was quite disappointed with my visit last night. I had heard great things and was excited to try.

    This is going to sound like a laundry list and I apologize, but I do want you to know the true nature of what we went through... and paid approximately $100 to "enjoy".

    My date and I were greeted politely and welcomed to Shaw's.

    We waited for about 10 minutes and were seated in the main dining room... next to the bus area. Now at this point I could have spoken up and asked for a different table, but I'm a firm believer in letting the restaurant make the impression on me. It was frequently loud with staff chattering in that area and with banging of dishes.

    We were brought room temperature breads and ice cold butter, as well as water which was poured quite delicately (so positive points for that). But cold butter on room temperature bread? Eating was not pleasant.

    My date ordered a butterscotch martini from your specialty list and I ordered a martini with absolut peppar, dirty, and opted to try your hand-stuffed blue cheese olives. Our waiter returned to tell my date that your bar could not make the butterscotch martini tonight. She had to choose another drink.

    (stay tuned for part II)

  • Lea B. says:
    On Wednesday 8/2/06 6:28 PM
    Food is awesome, but service is sub-par, at best. For my money, I'd rather head out to their Schaumburg location. The food is just as good, if not better, but its the SERVICE that stands out. Something about the suburbs that strips away the pretentiousness. What you're left with is a service staff that actually CARES if you're enjoying yourself! (If you don't believe me, all you need to do is have short conversations with a manager-any one-, the maitre d' and your server. You'll see what I mean!

  • Jeanne says:
    On Sunday 6/26/05 10:43 PM
    Service was friendly and good. Clam chowder was to die for! You could tell the clams were fresh and the flavor was sooo nice. The crab cake had lots of tasty fresh crab cooked to perfection. It was expensive,but for food that, an occasional expensive meal is okay.

  • deb says:
    On Friday 3/4/05 8:51 PM
    pretty good food...OK service...WAY WAY overpriced

  • Rachel says:
    On Monday 11/22/04 10:41 AM
    Service was somewhat slow. Everything is ala cart. Mai tai was very weak. Salmon sushi was great but for the entree, salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce was over-cooked and dry. Prices were too high for the quality of food. Overall, they are highly over-rated. For better salmon and better food altogether, go to Blue Point Oyster Bar.

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