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Tommy Nevin's Pub

View Map 1450 Sherman Ave., Evanston
Tel: (847) 869-0450
View Website
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22 Review(s) Total

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  • rxpychvcra says:
    On Tuesday 2/14/12 3:52 AM
    YXgzJR iamxftutmppe

  • ttbgxeael says:
    On Sunday 2/12/12 7:00 AM
    HIpN9A sipajhhjhkpn

  • Aleexiis says:
    On Saturday 2/11/12 4:00 AM
    Marieā€¦ thank you for your gucaiors comments. The music in my video was from the album “The Music of Shenandoah” and part of the National Park Series collection. My wife and I picked it up on a trip several years ago traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It remains one of my most played albums of all time.I’ll repeat this message in that LinkedIn discussion in case you miss this here.I’d love the opportunity to work on your next cover!Blessings to you.Dave

  • bryalexand says:
    On Thursday 12/31/09 11:53 AM
    The service sucks, the wait staff is beyond rude. I go to Bar Louie now

  • Karen Jensik says:
    On Sunday 11/30/08 12:08 AM
    Went to the Naperville location with a family party of 10 met 10 other friends for drinks. After running up a 300$ tab we were asked to leave due to the fact that someone in our party was wearing their hat wrong. After one hour of this person being there the whole party was asked to leave. This Black gentlemen was very nice and was going to leave, then whole party was asked to leave with him. Why did we wait an hour to tell him about a dress code that is not enforced? Also why was it that when the management was involved did they not do anything to ask the party of 20 to stay? I find this embarrasing and rude that they asked the only black gentleman in the group to leave after an hour of spending his money. In this economy I would think that they would have handled this better and not embarrassed all 20 of us and involved other guests.

  • Beth says:
    On Tuesday 11/18/08 12:06 AM
    We visit their Naperville location a lot. The food is the only good thing there. Service is spotty, atmoshere is loud, tables are crowded together, decor is blah. Last straw was this weekend. Our table was given away before our reservation time. We were celebrating a milestone event. The young hostesses (teens) were inexperienced, slow, and incompetent. Had to ask for the manager, who could only give us a noisy table by the kitchen. Pass up the Naperville location if you want to save yourself the hassle.

  • Tim says:
    On Friday 10/19/07 4:45 PM
    Nevins used to be the place to go in Evanston. Now I would rather go to the Pub and thats not saying much either. The owner is a real piece of work at Nevins!! We were in there one night and he was drunker than most of the customers. COME ON!! The waitresses are a bunch of b*tches! And the service is TERRIBLE! Not to mention the food. Isnt this where you are supposed to come to get good Irish food. Hah!!! I wouldnt waste a dime there and quite frankly, the need to get a new owner!

  • Jen says:
    On Thursday 10/11/07 5:00 PM
    SUCKS!! I went here to hear the Polkaholics tonight (they have posters around town for the show for god's sake) and Nevin's said that they do not want them to play here so the cancelled music for tonight. What? Cancel on the day of the show? Nevin's shame on you!!

  • Richard says:
    On Sunday 1/21/07 9:45 AM
    WARNING: Nevins Pub is under new ownership who is not kid friendly. We have been going to Nevins for years, especially when there is live music. The last time we went, the owner rudely told us that "this is not Chuck E Cheese".

  • McMike says:
    On Tuesday 1/9/07 4:11 AM
    For the north shore, for me, Nevin's is the best thing going. I've never had poor service, even when it's crowded. I've never had a bad meal or a dirty pint. I'm surpised at all the animosity toward the occasional Northwestern infestation, though. It's a great a college town. Once in a while students indulge in a cocktail. This should not be a shocking event. And I really appreciate the owner's attempt at keeping dining room, pub, and sports bar seperate entities. It really allows most customers jst what they're looking for.

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