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Unabridged Books, Inc.

View Map 3251 N. Broadway Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 883-9119
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  • Mario says:
    On Monday 12/10/07 6:36 PM
    You won't find anything by Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter here--even if they are international bestsellers. And I don't mention this boastingly. Since this isn't exclusively a gay bookstore, one would expect to find a wider array of books for all tastes. This bookstore caters to diverse people, just not diverse ideas or thoughts. That's unfortunate considering books should be about sharing ideas, and not being afraid of them. When I first moved to Chicago five years ago, Unabridged used to display in its window the "Best Sellers." But after 9/11 when many best sellers were written by conservatives, the window display suddenly changed to "What people are reading." Unabridged will only sell what the owners want you to read. It's a private bookstore so they have that right; but it’s disingenuous to pretend this is a form of enlightenment. Other than the blatant political bent of the bookstore (by the way, not all gay people are puppets for the Democratic Party), the bookstore has pretty much what you may want for kids, from MAD LIBS (I haven't found them anywhere else) to "Walter the Farting Dog," one of my nephew’s favorites.

  • Heidi says:
    On Friday 7/14/06 9:45 PM
    I recently visited Unabridged with my family and had such a wonderful time exploring your store. Ed was so helpful, finding the perfect book for each of us, inlucing my children ages 8, 10 and 13. We only wish you were closer to home (Seattle, WA). We would love to be able to purchase book from you online.

  • Becky W. says:
    On Tuesday 2/14/06 9:29 PM
    This Bookstore is amazing. I am lucky enough to live upstairs, and its a great place to just browse and find things you may not see other places. The staff is friendly and the bargain books are great. plus, they always trade me change for my laundry, so they are great!

  • Tate says:
    On Tuesday 9/27/05 2:55 PM
    Best Book store in Chicago. I love the atmosphere, and the helpful staff. I always read the staff reccomendations on the shelves, and have discovered amazing authors, i don't think I would have read otherwise. As For TODD's previous review... I was unaware that many conservatives read more than George Will, Wall Street Journal, and the Bible; all of which are available at unabridged books. Get over your self Mary.

  • sidewinder says:
    On Friday 2/11/05 7:28 PM
    This is my favorite bookstore! I specifically come here for the Travel books, as it is the most impressive slection I've seen at any bookstore. I also come for the bargin books with remainder marks on the bottom. You can find tons of new titles and great table books at very reduced prices. And, if you're "in the mood," hang out down stairs for a while...always someone interesting lurking rather letcherously. (If, you know what I mean.)

  • jim says:
    On Saturday 1/15/05 2:44 PM
    OH MY GOD! I love this store. It has a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, unlike the stuffy, library-like superstores, and knowledgable staff. I have relatives in Chicago and whenever I visit, I always take my young kids to Unabridged where Ed Devereux, the owner, will often come out and help them with their selections.

  • Liz says:
    On Monday 12/13/04 2:22 PM
    I can see where somebody who likes Bush and Borders might not appreciate Unabridged. I live in Boston, a bookish sort of place, but Unabridged is my favorite bookstore. Whenever I am in Chicago for some work thing, I always sneak away for a mini-pilgrimage there to wallow in the atmosphere.

  • Todd says:
    On Saturday 9/18/04 8:27 AM
    Apparently only liberals are welcome at this bookstore. Unabridged Books has found space on their shelves for dozens of slanderous Anti-Bush books, but can't seem to find space for the "Unfit for Command" book that provides insight about Kerry. I'll stick with Borders where I'm welcome.

  • Eric says:
    On Sunday 11/30/03 9:55 AM
    Best Bookstore ever - in the most fun neighborhood ever - think The Village without the attitude - grab a coffee - eat @ 3am at Melrose - and above all, buy your magazines and books at this gem of a local bookstore!

  • Christophe says:
    On Sunday 10/26/03 8:46 AM
    Great Store!!! I'm lucky enough to live down the street from (has to be) my favorite bookstore. Besides the great selection of materials you have, I enjoy strolling down the street at midnight for my fresh copy of Harry Potter. :) Keep up the good work!!!

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