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Webster Place

View Map 1471 W. Webster Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 327-3100
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  • fakzolucs says:
    On Wednesday 4/4/12 8:32 AM
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  • ykrznboqy says:
    On Sunday 4/1/12 3:15 PM
    Y2d0Za ukehmogvfpng

  • Oleg says:
    On Saturday 3/31/12 5:52 PM
    This "free sharing" of information seems too good to be true. Like commnuism.

  • umemafp says:
    On Wednesday 3/14/12 1:53 PM
    2zXbFx laymqielnfbr

  • jratdayulbi says:
    On Tuesday 3/13/12 4:35 AM
    jxtkks flyneamnyiww

  • Mario says:
    On Monday 3/12/12 11:36 AM
    Awesome story re THE RING :)Of the thousands of rrhoor films I've seen, only a handful have scared me stupid- probably the 2 most booful ones were DEAD & BURIED and the original BLACK CHRISTMAS. DEAD & BURIED is an unconventional zombie film and features Jack Albertson (Grandpa from the original CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY)! as a senile but still terrifying and evil coroner/necromancer. BLACK CHRISTMAS features the most unsettling and genuinely unhinged psychopath on screen IMNSHO.Scary story: I went to see CANDYMAN at the cinema with my (older) brother. First time the Candyman appears to kill someone, he appears so quickly and unexpectedly that my brother let out and ungodly scream and dumped his large pepsi all over us bothScary Story II: About halfway through STIR OF ECHOES, I was stung by a bee. INSIDE THE MOVIE THEATRE. My screams were of pain, rather than fear, but I like to think it made the movie creepier :)

  • bwigsw says:
    On Thursday 12/15/11 4:36 AM
    Wc1kGP axdrjssyoxdu

  • hteegr says:
    On Tuesday 12/13/11 1:31 PM
    VnQGLA jzadkigfxefb

  • Kayo says:
    On Tuesday 12/13/11 11:11 AM
    Articles like this just make me want to visit your webiste even more.

  • Parking is a Rip-Off says:
    On Friday 2/24/06 12:32 PM
    If you forget to stamp your sticker, prepare to pay full-price for parking...$20 for me. I've tried contacting the parking service 3 times but they will not return my calls. The parking attendants were unhelpful too. This theater sucks!

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